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For example, in the transition to the digital management age, the accumulated expertise and technologies developed over the years in digital imagery for the healthcare sector play a predominant role in digital document management for the construction and professional services sectors. No competing solution in the two domains offers as much performance for managing and viewing digital documents.

On the other hand, at a time when privatization is increasing in the healthcare sector, the management challenges of the new service entities created to meet the historical ERP needs of the Professional Services and Construction sectors by requiring a lot of depth on aspects such as accounting, financial statements, inventory management and billing flexibility without forgetting new prerogatives for tools for analyzing profitability and performance.

That way, our customers constantly benefit from the CTRL lever for maximum flexibility and optimization of their management.

CTRL specializes in the project management and healthcare management domains.

Seemingly very different, the link between these two domains is tight as it is in both cases the management of professional services, thus strongly focused on the management of time and material involved in the delivery of services to a third party.

At the center of the equation, the concept of "Project" is named as is in the Construction sector, sometimes "Mandate" in the Professional Services sector and "Patient" in the healthcare sector.

Unique specificity, we will often talk about billing by the hour, or unit, for the first two sectors and billing by the act in the case of the healthcare sector.

From these two domains of practice and expertise arise vertical ERP management solutions dedicated to specialized industries.

Experience shows that, over time, the advanced expertise accumulated in each field greatly benefits all vertical solutions by industry.



  • Management with overall integrity and information insurance:
  • The power of a custom solution with the price and stability of standard software.
  •  Extremely competitive price thanks to a "User - Payer" structure and flexible payment terms.
  • Solutions that deploy in "Local" or "Hosted" (Cloud) mode.
  • Fully bilingual centralized solutions. Each user works in the language of their choice.

Our clientele is our pride and our most valuable asset.


After more than 25 years, some 1,000 active clients and 8,000 users trust and rely on CTRL every day.

Why use ERP software for your business?

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To optimize your management and your operations.

A CTRL suite of software is integrated at all levels.

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