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October 7th 2021

Communicate Quickly and Effectively With Your Clients and Business Environment

Communication with your clients should always be a priority as part of a value-added client experience. Indeed, continuous and quality communications make it possible to constantly optimize the business relationship with your most precious asset.

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September 30th 2021

Recommend us a Potential Client, and Your Next Service Plan Will be Free!

Do you like your team and your CTRL software? The feeling is mutual! That is why we have a limited-time offer just for you! Recommend us a potential client (colleague or company), and your next service plan will be free!

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September 24th 2021

Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 2021 Launches Announced for October 5, 2021

Our Infrastructure and Networking division reminds you that support for specific versions of Windows and Microsoft Office that you are using may be terminated.

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