Hardware Specifications and Required Configurations
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To make your investment profitable and obtain optimal performance from your CTRL management solution, do not hesitate to consult our technical experts who know your industry's specifics and who will offer you the right choices in terms of technological equipment.

The CTRL group has its autonomous infrastructure division dedicated to your equipment, networking, and virtualization needs, whether or not you operate a CTRL ERP management solution. Do not hesitate to consult our specialists on any question concerning your IT equipment.

Visit our infrastructure division's specific website for information on our complete technical services, or contact our team immediately at 1 888 971-7139.


The table below shows the recommended hardware equipment and configurations for an optimal experience with your CTRL solution. 


To adapt to rapidly changing technologies, note that this information can change at any time without notice.

workstation Recommendation Use
Processor: Intel i3-8100 or i5-8500 (or more recent) Individual workstation (not connected to a network) or workstation used in a network.
Operating System*:
  1. Windows 10, 11 ProMC (64-bit is recommended)
  2. Mac O/S using virtual desktop technology, published applications or CTRL Cloud Solution
RAM: 8 Go or more
Hard Drive: Hard Drive: SSD 250 GB or more (for individual workstation)

Raid SSD if data bearing
Screen Size: (16:9) 1920 x 1080, (22" or more) The use of different screen sizes frequently requires the configuration of specific display resolutions for each workstation. To ensure maximum clarity and accuracy on each of your screens, do not apply any specific settings to the "Advanced scaling settings" option in the workstation's Windows operating system.
Network Card: 1000 mbps
Default Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox Using a recent web browser is recommended to access the various web portals integrated into CTRL solutions.
Tablet: Microsoft Windows Professional with Intel I3 processor or better Compatible with the CTRL software, a Surface Pro with Intel I3 processor or better can replace a workstation.

Android and iPad tablets can be used via virtual desktop technology, published applications or the CTRL cloud solution.

However, before purchasing a device of this type
, it is important to confirm with CTRL technical assistance and your IT support provider, if not CTRL, that your IT infrastructure can operate with the desired devices and the necessary technical configuration.
Server or dedicated virtual machine Recommendation use
Processor: Intel Xeon Silver or 4 vcpu (2.8 ghz or more) We strongly recommend a small dedicated server for work environments with 1-7 stations. CTRL cannot be held responsible for the instability and technical support resulting from the absence of a structured server.

* The standard operating threshold presented here does not preclude the need for higher performance in some contexts. Consult with our services as required.

For a work environment of between 8 and 20 stations (medium-sized network), you must use a dedicated server.

Larger networks require particular expertise. Please contact us for a professional assessment of your needs.
RAM: 16 Go or more (12 Go available for the application)
Operating System*: Windows 2016, 2019, 2021
Hard Drive,
24/7 network quality:
500 Go or more
RAID with write-protected cache

SSD Disk highly recommended
Screen Size: No specifications for a dedicated server
Network Card: 1000 Mbps or more
Switch Box: 1000 Mbps "Layer 2" or QOS for 16 workstations or more


Terminal Server,
Published Applications and cloud solution
Recommendation Use
Interface: Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2021
UX Interface (optional)
Setting up a "Telework" type of configuration must be done strictly at the level of selecting the server or a host.

The "Server Terminal" approach allows a user to remotely connect to the central office server. Any user can then access the CTRL management solution regardless of their geographic location.

Microsoft requires "named" user licenses (per user) and not "concurrent" user licenses (shared by multiple users) in the "Server Terminal" mode. So there has to be a specific license per single user. 

Since your current IT environment may already have the required licenses, the purchase of additional licenses may not be necessary. 

Before going forward with any purchase, call on our technical specialists to make sure you have the right profile for your current IT environment.
Bandwidth: 80K/user (average use of the agenda)
Licence Terminal Server / User CAL : One specific license per single user
RAM: 10-16 gigs for 20 to 49 users (Windows Server 2016 or better is recommended)
16-24 gigs for 50 to 99 users (Windows Server 2016 or better is recommended)
24-32 gigs for 100 users or more (Windows Server 2016 or better is recommended)
WEB server Recommendation Use
WindowsMC IIS Server:
(Internet Information Services)
Under IIS 8.5:
Windows Server 2016 or better
A “Web Server” is required for the use of web interfaces. 

The configuration of a Web Server requires either a dedicated web server or a web server installed on a process server.

In addition, the URL Rewrite IIS component must be installed on the server in order to view Clinique websites.
IP Address: Fixed
Bandwidth: Commercial VPN Router with the updates in effect. 

Minimum 10 megabits/second output (Upload) or higher.
Website to test bandwidth speed: SpeedTest

Guide to find the best Wi-Fi channel for your router: PixelPrivacy
Web Interface & Web Service Module: Web Server - Local Installation
This installation requires a locally installed Windows IIS server with CTRL's Interface and Web Service module. 

Web Server - Hosted (Cloud)This configuration requires CTRL's Interface and Web Service module and an authenticated SMTP (SMTP-AUTH).

Contact our team of specialists to learn more about our equipment and hosting possibilities for your web applications.
Required technology to integrate a web interface (or web portal) communicating with your CTRL solution: 

Web Server


additional Equipment Recommendation use
Internet Access: Hi speed 30 mbps or more Mandatory for technical support and user support.
Antivirus Software: ESET Endpoint Antivirus
Network scanners: Brother ADS-4300N for efficient document scanning by batch.

A majority of basic TWAIN scanners for low-volume scanning.

Note: X-ray scanning requires special scanners. Please consult with our team.
Basic label printer: Thermal To print one lable at a time
Electronic Signature Device:

Signature Pads: Topaz T-S460-HSB-R

Topaz support for remote connection requires the following model:
To sign a form displayed on a workstation to which the device is connected.
PC Tablet: Microsoft Surface Go Intel 4415Y, Enterprise edition

  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • Minimum 64 GB hard drive (128 GB recommended)
  • Microsoft Surface Stylet (mandatory)
  • Type Cover keyboard for Go Surface (recommended)
Sterilization room:
  • PC computer
  • Touch screen (22 inches)
  • Zebra ZD421 Wifi printer
  • Datamatrix barcode reader in processing room
  • Moisture-resistant labels
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