Healthcare Management Solution
The Integrated Management Solution 100% Dedicated to the Healthcare Sector!

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A Computerized Solution That Goes Beyond the Billing of Your Professional Services


For more than 25 years, our healthcare solution has met the needs of private institutions managers in the healthcare sector.

It provides you tangible benefits for the management of your healthcare business:

  • Complete and entirely secure electronic medical record (EMR);
  • Document management and digital imaging module integrated into the patient file;
  • Invoicing of professional procedures and products at the counter;
  • Innovative agenda with availability search;
  • Interactive confirmation of appointments by email;
  • Integrated CRM for the management of internal and external communications;
  • Treatment plan and planned visits;
  • Financial statements by professional and treatment type with interactive drilling;
  • Graphical and statistical analysis of the establishment's profile;
  • Financial management between companies and by profit center;
  • Payroll and direct deposit by telecommunication;
  • Inventory, purchase order and sale order management;
  • Powerful report generator and custom forms that include multiple management and performance indicators;
  • Work interface customization and access security configuration;
  • Integration of recognized office tools such as Microsoft WordTM and Microsoft ExcelTM;
  • And much more!

Our healthcare solution adapts to your methods and processes, not the other way around!

A Software Suite Designed to Operate in Symbiosis


Take advantage of a management solution that meets the most demanding needs. The following combination of CTRL software will allow your company to spread its wings. Discover the advantage of a software suite designed following the vision of a single manufacturer!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

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