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Welcome to CTRL's select clientele!


We are committed to working together with our clientele to provide an after-sales service environment designed to quickly respond to their everyday management needs.

As a future CTRL client, you will have access to several support services, including a direct communication channel with a team of professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

these services include:

Support Request Service

Our "Support Request" service allows you to send a support request directly to our team of advisors.

Immediately received and integrated into our CRM platform with your detailed information on the situation, our team of advisers can act quickly to offer you the best solutions.

Direct access to our expertise and a concrete lever for your daily management!

Continuing Education Service

Our "Continuing Education" service allows you to register for the various webinars offered by our team of advisors.

The webinar calendar, revised each year, allows your team to participate in refresher training and constantly improve their knowledge on various topics affecting CTRL software.

Offered free of charge through our annual "Hassle-Free" coverage, this service allows your team to keep their CTRL expertise up to date at minimal cost and from the comfort of their office or home.

Solution Deployment Service

CTRL management solutions enjoy a reputation for great flexibility in adapting to different operational contexts. This capability translates into the ability to customize your CTRL software at different levels.

Our team of experts in management solutions deployments takes charge of this aspect to optimize the results.

This team is involved at the start of your computerization project but remains at your service at all times to address operational improvement projects on demand.

Your business success is linked to your innovative ways of doing things. We have the expertise to ensure that our software solutions optimize their processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) service is made up of an evolving knowledge bank that answers the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Accessible at all times by your CTRL software or via the Web, our FAQ offers general information, an effective way to appreciate the depth of operational management of your CTRL solution.

Software Update Service

Our "Download" service for software updating allows you to download the most recent versions of CTRL software to keep pace with your technological and business environment.

Optimize the agility of your business with this fast and efficient technology service.

Service Plan

Our “Service Plan” offers you after-sales service coverage that guarantees the protection of your investments and maximizes the management benefits you derive from your CTRL solution.

Different technological coverage and support options are available to you. All of its options offer business flexibility that adapts to varying contexts whether your team has become an expert in CTRL solution and therefore very autonomous, whether you are deploying a new aspect of your CTRL solution or whether you are deploying a new aspect of your CTRL solution or you are in a period of staff turnover, situations which may require more support from us.

In all cases, the flexibility of our after-sales service offer guarantees you the best "Support/Price" ratio for your specific business context.

CTRL is a complete, integrated and turnkey IT offered in one place. A single supplier for all your questions and results!

Naturally, all these services are directly integrated into your personalized CTRL client portal, which is automatically activated on your workstation if you are running the latest versions of CTRL software.

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