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Welcome to CTRL's select clientele!


We are committed to working together with our clientele to provide an after-sales service environment designed to quickly respond to their everyday management needs.

As a CTRL client, you have access to several support services, including a direct communication channel with a team of professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

these services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our interactive "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) which is continuously updated. This knowledge bank is always accessible and allows you to quickly find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about CTRL and our software.


See the interactive FAQ

Service Plan

Our service plan will provide you with after-sales service coverage that guarantees your investments and maximizes the management benefits you derive from your CTRL solution.



Software Update Service

Our software update service allows you to download the latest versions of CTRL software.


Update your sofwares

Support Request Service

Our "Support Request" service allows you to directly send a support request to our team of customer advisors.


Send a Support Request

Continuing Education Service

Our continuing education service allows you to register for various webinars offered by our team of customer advisers.


Register to an education

Naturally, all these services are directly integrated into your personalized CTRL client portal, which is automatically activated on your workstation if you are running the latest versions of CTRL software.

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