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THE Optimal and Personalized ERP SOLUTION FOR Your Professional Service Mandates!

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The project management solution specifically designed for professional service firms!


When an organization’s business and profitability objectives are focused on the concept of a project, the manager can now rely on a management tool dedicated to a single objective: cost-effective mandates!

CTRL is taking on the challenge of flexibility and simplicity of use with a new generation of software at the forefront of information technology and business management.

Rely on a leading-edge CRM platform, and rigorously manage your work and professional billing according to the terms and conditions of each of your clients.

Trust a high-performance solution!

Whatever path you choose for management, the CTRL management solution accompanies you without compromise!

Time Management

When it comes to professional services, nothing has ever been truer than the saying "time is money".

CTRL heard and understood the message and responded with a mobile timesheet that is fully integrated with your central management.

If your advisors generally work in the same location, a traditional timesheet can also be deployed.

Regardless of the origin of the time entry and expense records, the information can be integrated and populate a full pay as required.

Do you work with several self-employed and freelance workers? CTRL/Project allows you to set up a collaborative work platform that is fully secure in terms of access.

Complete your time management optimization with our CRM CTRL/File and manage your team's schedule in a fully centralized manner by taking advantage of automated integration with Google Calendar and integration with Google Maps.

Personalized Billing

Invoicing in CTRL/Project is structured around the notion of applicable rates table.

An unlimited number of possible rate tables ensure that you will never have any limitations on the billing of your services, even in the most complex cases. Each project is associated with a specific rate table.

Your standard invoice format is easily definable. However, if a context requires it, you can also define a specific invoice format per customer. And, because CTRL can, we made it possible to define a specific invoice format for a given client's project, which is a fine example of CTRL's flexibility.

Our CTRL solution offers you automated management for the three types of billings: hourly, flat rate or percentage of work progress.

High-Level Paperless Management

CTRL’s application platform provides a technical “traceability” function for information.

Any information reconciled in CTRL/Project can be analyzed at any time in terms of “who, when, what, where”.

This feature makes CTRL/Project a “legal” software as it is possible to reconstruct the creation of the initial information and all modifications of the information entered during a mandate.

Work in Progress (WIP)

WIPs are an extremely pivotal element for time management and professional service billing.

While allowing you to define and structure the activities that make up your work processes, CTRL/Project also allows you to define the conditions under which certain activities are billable or non-billable.

Directly supplied by the timesheets, the WIPs in turn supply CTRL/Project's professional billing fields. 

Everything is integrated, there is no redundancy in the data entry.

Prior to any periodic invoicing, WIP analysis reports allow you to assess and adjust the invoiced transaction as required.

In addition, the business case always includes all future revenue (WIP) to give you a clear picture of the profitability of your mandate.

Cost-Effective Mandates

CTRL/Project offers several analysis reports of profitability and productivity that allow you to quickly identify projects or deficit activities that need improvement in the delivery process.

Each report is available with "drilling" to allow you to analyze transactional details if needed.

A productivity analysis per employee is included to quickly determine the performance of each of your resources, whether in terms of revenue generation, actual average hourly rate, average percentage of billable services, average markup factor, average direct profitability, etc.

A Work Environment That Reflects Your Image

CTRL’s application platform offers a set of features that allow each user to customize their work environment if they wish to do so.

Each user can create up to nine customized work environments, each usually associated with a given management context.

The same application platform allows your system manager to put in place all the security and access management needed to protect confidential information and ensure consistent information quality.

Are you looking for a compelling ERP solution to eliminate information and operation redundancy?


If you belong to these fields, we have software specially adapted to your needs!

  • Accounting Firms
  • Engineering Consulting Firms
  • Architectural Firms
  • Marketing Firms
  • Production Management
  • Event Management
  • Cinema et Television
  • Industrial Psychology



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Very easy to use as well as for training internal users.

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