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Take Control of your Construction Projects


Are you looking for a professional solution to track costs, obtain a precise cost price, rigorously manage sub-contracting or progressively invoice your deliverables?

For more than 20 years, CTRL has continuously refined its Integrated Management Solution (ERP) for the industrial and commercial construction sector.

Combining technology, performance, and profitability, our Integrated Management Solution (ERP) for the construction industry is now the gold standard for managing your major projects!

Take control now with the most comprehensive integrated management solution to make your special projects and construction projects profitable!

Unmatched Mastery of Your Projects!

CTRL/Project offers management flexibility that allows you to literally integrate your management vision, the same vision that made you successful.

Everything you need for your sector of specialization is carefully planned and included: for example, denunciations, receipts, endorsements and modifications management, as well as technical questions and answers.

With daily information constantly feeding your database, you have access to various key reports that give you full control over your projects, including cost-effectiveness analysis by exception, dashboards, overbilling and sub-invoicing analysis per project, project costs analysis, and billing request.

The ‘Interface and Access Manager’ customizes your interfaces and efficiently manages secure access according to your needs.

Project Management Web Portal

Whether you are a Project Manager or a Construction Site Manager, the CTRL/Project Web Portal allows precise, rigorous and timely monitoring of your projects wherever you are.

Purchase orders, mobile or classic timesheets, agenda, construction records, and more, all accessible via the internet at any time.

Also, take advantage of Google Calendar synchronization on your mobile phone to see your schedule and use Google Maps to quickly determine the best route to your destination.

Clockwork Billing

Whether invoicing is lump sum, cost plus, or incremental, each project is assigned its applicable invoicing mode.

If you work with large customers who require a specific invoice format, each customer can be assigned their own personalized invoice format.

Multi-Warehouse Approach

Using the multi-warehouse approach, obtain accurate inventory management by job site.

CCQ Payroll Management

Quickly generate construction-compliant payrolls using the ''Construction Payroll'' module, which includes a monthly report of CCQ remittances transmitted over the Internet.

You can configure the payroll according to your needs while using a full CCQ report.

Make electronic payments by direct deposit to your suppliers (EDI). You can also issue several post-dated checks to a supplier.

Full Accounting

Beyond basic accounting, CTRL/Finance allows real financial management per project.

Rigorously manage your cash flow by automatically managing holdbacks per project during the payment process of your suppliers.

The CTRL solution also supports business-to-business, and cross-divisional management for possible project-based cost centralization.

If you operate in a "consortium" mode for a project, CTRL/Project allows you to bring together all contributors under a single project management by offering different modes of consolidated financial statements.

A Reference for the Future

Your project data does not follow the annual cycle of your fiscal years. Historical information on any project is retained for as long as you wish.

You now have access to a database of reference information for the preparation of your future submissions and business proposals.

By strategically categorizing your projects, you can quickly find the information you need to prepare for any new project.

A report and form generator are included with no additional software required to design your customized reports.

Management of Multi-Currency Projects

Manage the inflows and outflows of money from different currencies transparently: unlimited number of currencies, automated conversions to your accounting journals, management of provisions, exchange rate losses and gains, bank reconciliation, and multi-currency project management.

CTRL has the solution for you!


If you belong to one of the sectors or work in any of the trades mentioned below, we have software specifically adapted to your needs!


  • Project Manager in the construction industry
  • General Contractor
  • Specialized Contractor
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Sector

CTRL offers you the SOLUTION for the rigorous management of the profitability of your construction projects.


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Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

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