The Flexibility and Power of a Software Integrated into a Professional Management Solution in Healthcare! 


The Integrated ERP Management Software You Need to Manage Your Healthcare Clinic Effectively 


CTRL/Clinic is a software designed specifically for health care management. It can take charge of the entire patient management process by assisting you with the preparation of a treatment plan, the booking of appointments, integration of medical imaging, and of course, billing.

Our ERP software is useful for patient file management, assisted appointment scheduling and availability search, integrated billing with insurer networks, or even practice profile analysis by professional and treatment category. Look no further: everything is here!

With CTRL/Clinic, health care managers can now count on a management tool that allows them to maximize the quality of care provided while optimizing financial and human resources.



The CTRL Difference


A Paperless Clinic

Free your clinic from the mountains of paper, x-rays, and other documents that accumulate with CTRL/Clinic! Any digital material can be stored and centralized in the patient file securely and confidentially. You will then have the freedom to consult your data at any time, no matter where you are.


The Power of Multi-Clinic Management

Whether you manage multiple branches or are part of a group of professionals from different specialties, CTRL/Clinic allows to centralize and share patient file management securely. Hence, allowing you to benefit from the increased effectiveness of a high-level multidisciplinary team.


The Digital File Era

The software integrates perfectly with the majority of commercially recognized clinical imaging software to provide exceptional management transparency that goes beyond simple display. No image redundancy, no waste of disk space. CTRL/Clinic allows you to keep scanned letters, clinical layouts, X-rays, digital photographs, or any other digital image source in the patient file.


Software Adapted to your Reality  

CTRL/Clinic operates the powerful CTRL/Smigg application platform that provides advanced functional and informational security features to ensure that shared information remains of high quality.

The screen configurator allows you to adapt the software to your specific needs and save up to nine work environments per user.

CTRL/Clinic adapts to your way of doing things, not the other way around!


To learn more about the features of CTRL/Clinic

Access the functional characteristics

The CTRL/Clinic Healthcare Management Solution stands out by its integration with other CTRL software and modules.


Thanks to its high flexibility, you can extend the functionalities of your management solution according to your needs, until you reach an unsuspected level of performance.

 CTRL's integrated management software (ERP) also eliminates the need for information redundancy entry in different non-integrated software and guarantees you more accurate results and considerable time savings.

Combine the CTRL/Finance software with your CTRL/Clinic software and discover a professional and fully integrated transactional financial environment.

Add the CTRL/Product Inventory Management module and combine billing of documents and articles from a single patient file.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

Check it out now!Hardware Specifications

Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/Clinic


Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/Clinic



Indicate your personalized data for each parameter

*Number of clinic professionals: 
*Number of active patients by professional:  
*Hours per week by professional production:  
*Number of days worked per week per professional:  
*Average percentage of occupancy of hours available: % 
*Average number of appointments per week per professional: mins (average)
*Average number of canceled appointments or moved per week for each professional: %
*Number of employees in the clinic excluding professionals: 
*Average hourly cost of an employee: $ 
*Average hourly rate billing professional: $ 

More parameters Less parameters

*Number of weeks worked per year per professional: semaines 
*Number of research and information transfer for a patient by professional during a day: 
*Seek time and transfer information for a patient: min(s) 
*Number of reminders per patient actives for a year: reminders
*Time required to manage a recall: min(s) 
*Time required for the confirmation of an appointment: min(s) transactions

Summary of annual administrative time devoted to patient management

*Billable time lost due to a cancellation or an appointment moved is: h 
*The time you allocate to the management of reminders for the per clinical years is: h 
*The time you allocate to the confirmation of appointments per year to your practice is: h 
*The time you allocate to research and information transfer patient per year is: h 
*Total: h weeks

Increased productivity and income through the use of CTRL/Clinic

*Proportion of administrative time recovered: % h
*Proportion collected and billed of the timeframe released by the cancellation or moving of the appointment: % h
*Increase in the occupation of the currently unoccupied slot: % h
*Total:  h

Find out how CTRL/Clinic can help you save!

Your financial benefits with CTRL/Clinic

Your annual cost savings potential: $
Additional potential annual revenues: $
 For the first three yearsThereafter
*For an investment per user equivalent to: $ / month $ / month
  $ / year $ / year

And remember that the financial benefits are not the only benefits to you.

Through more effective communication, CTRL/Clinic will get you closer to your patients. They will be even more happy and you too!


*The fee may vary slightly from the results of the simulation depending on the software configuration chosen by the client.