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ERP Management Software Designed for Profitable Projects


CTRL/Project is specifically dedicated to the administrative management of projects, whether it is the full management of project costs, work in progress, professional invoicing, equipment, subcontracting or any routine management activity. CTRL/Project becomes your preferred tool with its entirely project-centric approach.

Since the concept of a project can be applied to various management contexts, such as professional services mandates, construction projects, custom manufacturing orders and cost, as well as research and development projects, the management flexibility at your disposal is immense and is now waiting only for your management vision to be implemented.

Designed without compromise for a profitability mission, CTRL/Project is exceptionally merging leading-edge operational methodologies and technologies to boost your company’s productivity, performance and, by extension, competitiveness.

the CTRL difference


With the functional security of CTRL/Smigg, the CTRL application platform, each billing batch for your projects is unique and can be processed independently.

A Productivity Analysis for Increased Control

Combining costs, budgets, work in progress and actual billing, CTRL/Project provides a productivity analysis report by employee and project that allows you to analyze your resources and projects from a different perspective.


CTRL/Project provides a coding generator that allows the manager to define and adapt the software to the project management structure in the specific context of the company.


Want to assess the profitability of a particular activity?

Whether you are in manufacturing, consulting or construction, CTRL/Project’s Work in Progress Management module is a must to ensure the profitability of your projects.

CTRL/Project offers you two different billing approaches that can be combined as required.

Through CTRL/Project, you can see if your project is profitable in one quick glance.

The specialized purchase order tracking module of CTRL/Project is dedicated entirely to project management and has been specifically designed for the company whose activities are strongly focused on outsourcing, and whose profitability of each project depends directly upon it.

CTRL/Project allows you to view the costs of a project through its transaction history and analyze them in a summary or detailed manner using a multitude of reports designed for analysis from all possible angles.

In the context of project management, time sheets and expense reports represent a significant volume of transactions, hence the importance of the flexibility of the methods of entry available.

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Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

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