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CTRL/Finance is the financial and accounting backbone of any CTRL ERP management solution.

The volume of accounting software on the market is virtually unlimited, and when it comes to the basic features essential to quality accounting management, there's no reinventing the wheel. Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) represent an unavoidable accounting framework to be respected by any software that claims to be rigorous and high-performance.

But accounting management and analysis goes beyond the famous "Debit/Credit", and it's in the details and advanced functionalities of CTRL/Finance that professional accountants find exceptional levers for their financial productivity, particularly in business contexts where accounting flexibility makes all the difference.

Fully integrated with specialized CTRL software, CTRL/Finance delivers unrivalled accounting sophistication in the professional services, construction and healthcare sectors.

Looking for an accounting tool to take your financial management to the next level? Look no further. Where most accounting software stops meeting your needs, CTRL/Finance lets you literally take flight!

the CTRL difference


An unlimited number of companies can be managed with a single CTRL/Finance license. A good place to start!

CTRL/Finance also supports the notion of "Intercompany Management", i.e. the ability to seamlessly integrate the accounts of different companies. An advanced accounting feature that sets CTRL/Finance apart from any entry-level accounting software.

Accounting power for advanced management needs!


If rigidity in the presentation of your financial results is an issue, you've found the software that gives you the freedom you're looking for, thanks to exceptional definition flexibility in the chart of accounts, the cornerstone of your accounting and financial statements.

We're living in an age of industry specialization, and while it's possible to integrate traditional accounting software with a majority of specialized software, more often than not, the limitations of integration severely curtail the ability to disaggregate and group information, automatically limiting your accounting efficiency and rapid financial analysis capabilities.

The reality is that not all accounting software is created equal...

The heart of your financial management is accurate financial statements, but, above all, financial statements that give you the analysis capabilities you need, when you need them.

Transfer your financial vision into your accounting solution for more effective analysis and decision-making. Reduce questions and increase answers!


Rigorously managing and tracking the time and costs associated with your human resources is a winning strategy right from the start. Let's delegate time and attendance management to CTRL/Dossier, and target the resulting payroll costs with CTRL/Finance.

Whether you're looking for a basic payroll system, or a highly flexible payroll management system that can be adapted to the most specific of specialized contexts, CTRL/Finance is undoubtedly your best management partner.

In the age of virtualization and teleworking, digital management of your communications with your business environment is now a necessity. 

CTRL/Finance includes functionalities for associating one or more digital documents (invoices, letters, quotes, etc.) with any customer or supplier transaction, as well as an integrated viewer for fast, direct consultation within the software.

Market globalization is no longer just around the's a reality. If your company does business on an international scale on a daily basis, multi-currency management is rapidly becoming an indispensable asset for accurate accounting and optimized profitability.


Do you ever need to quickly access additional information on a customer, supplier or employee file - information that's not stored in your accounting software?

If so, CTRL/Finance has the perfect companion to take your accounting management to the next level! It's our integrated CRM/XRM software, CTRL/File.

Are you tired of analysis limitations, or of spending too much time tracking down the origin of an accounting anomaly? If you're feeling this way, chances are you're missing out on a feature that's as invisible as it is essential and not present in your current software: an integral transactional architecture that allows you to reconstruct an accounting situation at the date of your choice.

The multitude of accounting levers involved in this feature need to be better known and understood

CTRL/Finance naturally includes all the usual accounting journals for entering entries, and each can be analyzed separately if required.

The software includes an "Automatic entries" function, should you wish to automate certain recurring entries. 

Productivity gains across the board!



A concept unique to CTRL ERP management solutions
management solutions, taking your organization to the next level of operational productivity.

A suite of standard management software with unrivalled parameterization flexibility
to suit your business context and keep pace with your company's projects.



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