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COVID-19 – Reinventing Ourselves to Last!

October 8th 2020

Reinventing Ourselves to Last

The current global pandemic is disrupting our social, economic, and personal environment. I am proposing to you today a reflection that aims to support your managerial approach in this imposed step back.

First, the diversity of economic activities and the intrinsic nature of each industry results in variations in the goals that each company can set for itself during this turbulent period.

Far be it from me to think the vision I share with you is a panacea for everyone's challenges.

Shift to 'Lean' Management with CTRL

September 13th 2019

Shift to Lean Management With CTRL

CTRL management solutions enable and drive the application of three key Lean management principles through some unique features of CTRL’s application platform: CTRL/Smigg, our modular and integrated global management system.

  • Muda: the elimination of anything worthless, be either time or material
  • Muri: optimizing and simplifying the company’s processes to reduce or even eliminate overwork and overload
  • Mura: the variability, or irregularity of the application of processes by material or human resources to increase the quality and volume of goods or services produced

More than just a technology platform, CTRL/Smigg is a business operational platform that offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to the entrepreneur’s vision and key processes.


April 3rd 2017


Coming from an IT division of an engineering consulting firm, CTRL was founded in 1992.

CTRL’s strategic vision is based on the observation that many companies are looking for an advanced management solution but at a price significantly lower than the ERP solutions offered by the global players in the industry.

Managing Resistance to Change

April 4th 2016

Managing Resistance to Change

Have you ever had the impression that you were being told anything when faced with a simple prerogative in the progress of a project? That you were being served illogical comments about your structured approach? Comments that were not fundamentally focused on constructive dynamics and advancement of the project? If so, rest assured, you are not the only manager in this situation.


December 31st 2013

The CTRL Solution

How many times have you heard an employee complain about software running poorly or too slowly on their device; or even say that it is safer to enter duplicate data due to incompatibility of some software? These are just two of many examples. However, there is a way to avoid these kinds of problems and that is precisely what the CTRL Group offers.