Basic Features

CTRL/Web Platform
  • It is possible to access CTRL/Web by the domain of a subsite.
  • CTRL/Web contains a "help" tab in your menu to facilitate your use of the software, including a user guide, a web request support, a FAQ, as well a list of new features.
  • Even in the main site is in HTTPS mode, it is possible to add a subsite in HTTP mode.
  • A "log" system is functional in CTRL/Web to offer the capacity to record all actions performed. In case of technical problems, it becomes easier to know how to fix the situation.
  • A database backup is done automatically during an upgrade of CTRL/Web.
  • It is possible to import data in a customized database.
  • Integration to CTRL/File for an enhance management of the different modules and access. It is possible to secure web pages with CTRL/File, per contact or file, according to your needs. It is also possible to assign security levels to create different browsing accesses.
  • The customized database export tool considers accented characters as well as special characters.
  • The search engine tool uses the "SoIR" component to be compliant on all servers.
  • Improvement timeliness of the "File Management" tool.
  • It is faster to import files and images from the file explorer.
  • It is possible to connect other CTRL software in CTRL/Web.
  • Each imported data is saved in the access history for an increased accuracy.
  • The access history has a scroll bar for a better browsing.
Content Management
  • It is possible to close a summary by clicking on the title of a document if the summary contains a link on the title and if the "Show the document’s title" option is activated.
  • When copying a page, the order of the documents is respected and the name of the page changes so that it becomes unique, offering a more efficient management of the pages.
  • Presence of an "FTP" element to list and download files located on an external server to CTRL/Web.
  • Integration of videos in the HTML format for an easier read on the different browsers.
  • It is possible to create a link to a secured file from the text editor.
  • Addition of a photo album model in "scrolling photos" to allow a dynamic display in all browsers.
  • It is possible to know is an image is used in one or many other pages of the website. To find out, simply enter the "Edit" mode of an image. The list of pages where the image can be found will be indicated under the "Image" tab.
  • Possibility to add up to twelve columns in a document.
  • It is possible to add multi-steps forms using tabs.
  • It is possible to add rules on images so that they take particular dimensions automatically depending on the size of a column or the type of positioning. This new option is ideal for responsive websites.
  • It is possible to add fields of the "Period" type in the forms to allow a selection of intervals of dates.
  • It is possible to add images and files directly from the "File Management" tool.
  • Quick view to know if a page is published, modified or deactivated. In one click, the new "Deactivate" mode allows to deactivate a page of the menu, of the Google indexation or to remove the page from the map of the website.
  • It is possible to add images and files of large format, that is more than 10 MB.
Multisite and Multilingual
  • In a multisite, it is possible to delete a page imported from another language (French/English).
  • It is possible to import a page containing a summary of “New Page” type in another language.
  • The improved image alignment in the diffusion models offers you more freedom.  
  • For a more efficient management of your articles, the documents order in the RSS feed is determined by date, from the newest to the oldest, and then in order of display on the page.
  • There are several news presentation templates for an increased customization of the news displays on your home page.
  • The display format of the dates of the documents respect the norms of the ordinal numbers in the French and the English versions.
  • Addition of a confirmation request before sending a diffusion: “Do you really want to send the diffusion?”
  • When adding documents in a diffusion, the add button is under the added documents. This enhancement makes the add of documents more fluid.
  •  It is possible to add categories to the RSS feed.