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CTRL/Web Platform

  • The management of users of a website designed with CTRL/Web offers the possibility to the users to reset their password if they forget it, thanks to a code that they receive by email.
  • Possibility of a password reset; the system allows the user to complete a password change using a code that he receives by email.
  • Interfaces and emails for resetting passwords can be adapted to reflect the image of your site and/or company.
  • The security level at the level of password management has been reviewed and increased at the level of information encryption.
  • It is possible to define a disconnection time (in minutes) after a user's inactivity on your website when the latter operates with secure access zones, which are areas that require a user code and password to access them.
  • CTRL/Web enables integration with the "Vigilance Santé Essentielle" application, a pharmacological reference in Quebec, to establish a transparent connection with the secure site of Vigilance Santé Essentielle.
  • It is possible to use the "Font Awesome" library from the text editor to insert icons.
  • It is possible to embed "Fontello" custom icon fonts from the text editor to insert icons.
  • It is possible to import data multiple times per group of specifications and import criteria.
  • Improvement of technical tracing files (logs) on the data import process.
  • It is possible to use merge variables to present information collected from a form on the confirmation page.
  • It is possible to use merge variables in dynamic lists. These variables must be directly related to the recorded data.
  • A possibility of a "log" file allows tighter technical monitoring of certain software functions, including the automatic import function. This technical tracking system can be enabled or disabled per module to optimize performance.
  • The XML "sitemap" of a site is created and updated automatically after each publication, whereas previously, the "Sitemap" page had to exist for the "sitemap" to be created.
  • An interface allows you to configure and manually relaunch daily or weekly imports and will enable you to find out about import errors.
  • The import system can be activated automatically, either daily or weekly.
  • It is possible to restart a group or individual import manually.
  • It is possible to access CTRL/Web through the domain of a subsite.
  • CTRL/Web contains a help menu to facilitate your use of the software. The latter includes a user guide, a request for assistance via the Web, frequently asked questions and a list of new features.
  • Even if the leading site is in HTTPS mode, it is possible to add a subsite in HTTP mode.
  • A "log" system is functional in CTRL/Web to provide the ability to record all actions performed. In the event of technical problems, it becomes easier to know how to repair a situation.
  • Databases are automatically backed up when CTRL/Web is updated.
  • It is possible to import data into personalized databases ("GIP"). The import button is found in the "Data > Name" menu of the database.
  • Integration with CTRL/File for increased management of the different modules and accesses. It is possible to secure web pages through CTRL/File, per contact or file, as needed. It is also possible to assign security levels to create different browsing access.
  • It is possible to export the structure of all GIPs (personalized data tables) to quickly know the list of fields, the configuration of sending emails, the list of linked forms, etc.
  • The search engine tool uses the "SoIR" component to comply with all servers.
  • Improved opening speed of the "File Manager" tool.
  • It is much faster to import files and images from File Explorer.It is possible to connect to other CTRL software.
  • Each imported data is recorded in the access history for increased accuracy.
  • It is possible to restart a group or individual import manually.

Content Management

  • The user can adjust the colour and activate the display of a number or a letter superimposed for the geolocation of data on a "Google Map" type map for a customizable visual appearance.
  • According to your preference, it is possible to configure the addition of documents on a page at the beginning or end of the page. Everything is configured by the "Adding documents" parameter, accessible in the page properties.
  • Login forms to a secure page can manage a "user disabled" status. Thus, when a deactivated user tries to connect, a specific message is displayed to him.
  • The formatting of tables, the full-screen mode, and the addition of visual aids are possible in formatting the text edition.
  • It is possible to add videos in HTML5 format and images on them.
  • A standard photo album functionality, available in several models, allows you to insert these visual and dynamic components into your website quickly.
  • A standard slideshow feature allows quick insertion of promotional carousels. The slideshow will enable you to add several slides containing texts, images or videos, a "call to action".
  • The software makes it possible to create and insert a tooltip of additional information on any word or portion of text in a Web page, making it possible to increase the interactivity of your pages while presenting refined content supplemented by a pane "Tooltip" where needed.
  • It is possible to get a geo-located display of data managed dynamically on a Google map, which improves the user-friendliness of your site when the information to be displayed lends itself to it. For example, this makes it possible to insert a Google map showing the location of your company or your branches.
  • The photo's title is displayed in "Enlarge" mode in photo albums.
  • The software lets you apply borders, shading, and visual masks to images to enhance and refine the layout of photos and images of any type.
  • The concept of page templates offers the possibility of associating a specific style sheet (Style sheet) per template, which allows, for example, that the "H1" style is in red in the "A" template and that the same style "H1" or in blue in model "B".
  • It is possible to add a PayPal button to any Web page on your site to integrate one or more sales processes for products and services that require an interactive registration and payment process.
  • It is possible for the site manager to develop and integrate information forms that allow the current user of a Web page to edit predefined and initialized information.
  • The software supports advanced management of secure access zones that limit access. It is possible to integrate a standard form provided in the desired location (secure area) to request authentication from a user, which allows the sharing of content and personalization of content according to the user profile and/or your website visitor.
  • It is possible to add a print button to manage page templates.
  • An option in managing page templates allows you to add buttons to enlarge or reduce the text.
  • It is possible to add a filter with a numerical interval with a unit in the dynamic lists to filter the latter, for example, from $1000 to $5000.
  • It is possible to close a summary by clicking on the title of a document if the summary contains a link on the title and the option "Display the title of the document" is activated.
  • To purify your site's content, it is possible to create text summaries quickly. Several summary templates and configurations are available.
  • During a page copy, the order of the documents is respected, and the page's name changes so that it becomes unique, offering more efficient page management.
  • Presence of an "FTP" element, making it possible to list and download files on a server external to CTRL/Web.
  • Integration of videos in HTML format for easier reading on different browsers.
  • It is possible to create a link to a secure file from the text editor. These secure files will never be indexed in search engines such as Google.
  • Added a "scrolling pictures" photo album template to allow dynamic display in all browsers.
  • It is possible to know if an image is used in one or more other site pages. Just enter the "Edit" mode of an image to find out. The list of pages where the image is found will be indicated under the "Image" tab.
  • Up to twelve columns can be added to a document.
  • It is possible to add forms in several steps using tabs.
  • It is possible to add rules to images to automatically take on specific dimensions per document depending on the size of a column or type of positioning. This new option is ideal for mobile ("responsive") sites.
  • It is possible to add "Period" type fields in the forms to allow a selection of date intervals.
  • It is possible to add images and files directly from the "File Manager" tool.
  • Quick view to know if a page is published, changed or deactivated. With just one click, the new "Deactivate" mode allows you to deactivate a page on the menu, deactivate a page from Google indexing or remove the page from the sitemap.
  • It is possible to add large format files, over 10 MB.
  • There are several news layout templates to customize how news is displayed on a home page.
  • The format for displaying document dates respects the standards for ordinal numbers in the French and English versions.
  • Added a confirmation request before sending a broadcast: "Are you sure you want to send the broadcast?".
  • It is possible to add categories to the RSS feed.
  • For more efficient management of your articles, the order of documents in the RSS feed is determined by date, from the most recent to the oldest, and then by order of display on the page.

Multisite and Multilingual

    • It is possible to import a page containing a “New page” summary in another language.
    • It is possible to import all documents from one language to another.
    • It is possible to copy the content of a page from one site to another.
    • It is possible to manage several sites in different languages under the same CTRL/Web.
    • When creating a page in one language, the structure of this page is automatically created in the other languages. All that remains is to do the translation.


    • Improved image alignment in delivery templates to give you more freedom.
    • Added a confirmation request before sending a broadcast: “Are you sure you want to send the broadcast? ».
    • When adding documents to delivery, the add button is located under the added documents. This improvement makes adding documents more fluid.
    • It is possible to create your sending templates via CTRL/Web and distribute them using CTRL/File.
    • It is possible to create sending groups to send batches.
    • Send test functionality.
    • It is possible to create and assign signatures for each recipien.

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