Complete the management of project costs
and work in progress of CTRL/Project with
the inventory management per project.

Residential and commercial
lease management

Amplify your management possibilities



Manage multiple physical inventory
locations centrally with exceptional
inter-warehouse transfer flexibility.

multi-version Management

Manage with transparency several versions (colour,
size, etc.) of the same item model while maintaining
a continuous and complete global view of the inventory
volume for a given model.

Take Charge of Your Management!  


CTRL/Product is a particularly flexible inventory and order management software that can adapt to different organizational contexts and meet a wide range of management needs. It also gives the wise manager incomparable management benefits. One of the most significant is that he will be able to fully transfer his strategic vision of inventory management into a computerized management tool.

Whether it means managing purchases, sales, orders for in-house supplies, outputs of materials for production, merchandise returns, or any other type of custom transaction, CTRL/Product can be configured to your needs.

If CTRL is synonymous with flexibility, CTRL/Product is certainly our most advanced software in terms of management configuration possibilities since it supports, among others, the business to business function.

the CTRL difference


The flexibility of CTRL/Product gives you the characteristic “multiunit”

CTRL/Product offers the possibility of managing several versions that can be stored in different warehouses, by item.

CTRL/Product completes business proposals and sales submissions in a timely manner. Indeed, the software includes analytical reports that promote rigorous follow-up on the most critical element of your future revenue, that is, your pool of potential sales and current sales, for proactive management.

The multitude of suppliers used for your purchases results from a wide variety of item coding.


Your company has a simple manufacturing component, CTRL/Product allows you to integrate this need into your current processes.

All functions that offer item entry enable the operation of barcode readers.

CTRL/Product includes several statistical reports that allow you to analyze volumes traded per product over a range of dates, months, or years.

Performance improves exponentially when CTRL/Product is combined with other CTRL software to provide a comprehensive ERP type management solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

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