Have complete control over the access
to features and information generated
by CTRL software.

Configurable working

Define and operate up to nine
highly customizable work environments.


Develop and customize your own reports
and forms or use the basic forms for your industry.

Advanced ERP Platform for Secure Management of All CTRL Applications


Adapt your CTRL solution to your specific business context with CTRL/Smigg, the CTRL software standard management technology platform. 

Invisible to the user, this software represents the strategic core of any CTRL management solution. This integrated modular global management system offers a set of features that allow the user to customize a standard management platform to suit their needs.

Each function has been carefully integrated into a clean interface that hides advanced database management and work environment configuration features that allow you to perform according to your needs. This allows the knowledgeable manager to have full operational power to unlock his management potential through CTRL/Smigg. 

Don’t be limited by your management system anymore!

the CTRL difference


The Key to Quality Information

CTRL/Smigg offers all essential protection mechanisms to ensure the quality and integrity of information.


An Environment More Personalized Than Ever 

By adhering to the “MDI” (Multiple Documents Interface) approach, CTRL/Smigg promotes multi-function and multi-tasking. This will provide you with a backup option to automatically set up and maintain a specific screen set configuration.


Relevant Information, the Way You Want It!

Set up any “List” type work window to include information of your choice in the desired order. There is nothing simpler than eliminating irrelevant information and ordering the information required for effective seizure and consultation.


For a Well-Ordered Hierarchy

CTRL/Smigg is designed around a three-level hierarchical architecture that allows for the definition and application of global or specific configuration and customization models; Custom management solution offered at price and with the stability of standard software!


To Learn More About the Features of CTRL/Smigg

Access the functional characteristics

Thanks to our concept of horizontal and vertical management flexibility, the seamless integration of CTRL software generates operational efficiency far superior to a suite of software developed by different manufacturers that have no common ownership. 

All of our management solutions are built from proven, standard software that can be acquired progressively and in accordance with your company’s business objectives and budgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

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