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The Evolved Control Center of Your Information management!  


CTRL/File is a relational database that centralizes your information management and facilitates decision-making to achieve the desired results faster. 

Acting as an XRM (Extended Relationship Management) software, CTRL/File aims to fully manage your company's relationships with its internal and external environments that generate productivity.

CTRL/File is also a customer relationship management software (CRM) and offers you a simple, affordable and effective solution to manage your contacts, documents, and interventions in one place!

The CTRL difference


A CRM Management Tool for Great Management Flexibility

By intervening strategically at the level of communications and extra-accounting corporate information, CTRL/File adds significant value to the CTRL built-in management solution.


Manage Your Agendas and Your Time to Best Suit Your Needs

The CTRL/File agenda offers you all the flexibility you need to have full control over the optimal management and sharing of your resources through our parameters, all configurable according to your work method.


Customized Document Management

CTRL/File becomes your central database for general information on all your business records (customers, suppliers, projects, employees and other types of custom files).


Adaptive functions

Exploiting the powerful CTRL/Smigg application platform, the software builds an evolving bank of managerial knowledge by leveraging the full potential of the enterprise through advanced approaches such as process automation and deployment of management dashboards.

Combined with other CTRL software, CTRL/File transforms your CTRL management solution into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This gives you a management system that encompasses and integrates all the functions of your business at a very competitive price.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

Check it out now!Hardware Specifications

Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/File


Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/File



Indicate your personalized data for each parameter

*Number of employees who will use CTRL/File:
*Number of days worked per employee per year:
*Number of daily trips by an employee to the office of a colleague:
*Number of calls or email exchanged daily between employees:
*Average hourly cost of an employee (including administrative costs): $
*Average hourly rate of your services: $

More parameters Less parameters

*Time allocated annually to internal communications:  h
*Proportion of time recovered with the use CTRL/File: % h
*Proportion of time that you think retrieved into billable time: % h

Length adjustable references

*Average length of internal displacement (ex: the time to walk): min(s)
*Average length of internal communications: min(s)

Find out how CTRL/File can help you save!

Your financial benefits with CTRL/File

Your annual cost savings potential: $
Additional potential annual revenues: $
 For the first three yearsThereafter
*For an investment per user equivalent to: $ / month $ / month
  $ / year $ / year

And remember that the financial benefits are not the only benefits to you.

CTRL/File will help improve communications with your customers so you can offer services more efficient and personalized.


*The fee may vary slightly from the results of the simulation depending on the software configuration chosen by the client.

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