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The Evolved Control Center of Your Information management!  


CTRL/File is CRM/XRM (Extended Relationship Management) software dedicated to optimizing workgroup productivity and your company's internal and external communications.

When combined with a CTRL ERP solution, this software boosts the management power at your disposal by enabling you to automate several key aspects of your productivity, including :

  • Set up a central, unified corporate database for your entire company. No more scattered contact details kept individually by each member of your team. All your team members now have access to the same accurate, high-quality information;
  • Smooth management of tasks and interventions between team members. A management vision that can be globalized for a supervisor and individualized for each team member's day-to-day management, thanks to the possibilities offered by the CTRL/Smigg application platform;
  • A collaborative agenda that goes beyond the basic time management offered by products such as Outlook®, Teams® or Google Calendar®... while offering integration and synchronization with these products. For example, search for available time slots with overlap or delay for an ad hoc workgroup, or dynamically analyze your used and remaining capacity.
  • Define and automate the implementation of structured digital document management.
  • Create and set up a corporate knowledge bank that can be used interactively by your team members to identify suggested avenues of work for a given situation.

The CTRL difference


Would you like to set up a high-performance communication channel and collaborative platform for each of your employees?

Look no further than CTRL/File's Employee Web Portal, specifically designed to provide each of your employees with the functionalities essential to their day-to-day management, whether they work in the office, at home or in the field.

All too often neglected, the first element linked to the productivity of a workgroup is the quality of the information continuously shared between all the stakeholders in a company.

Never has Saint-Exupéry's expression had so much meaning as in collaborative management: "The essential is invisible to our eyes".

In addition to becoming your information-sharing center, CTRL/File becomes the cornerstone of structured digital document management for any CTRL ERP solution.

A simple operating principle for increasing the productivity of a work team doesn't require the most advanced management theory. It's about minimizing any time wasted that doesn't create real value for your business.

That's where CTRL/File's task and action management module comes in and excels. Based on classic operational theory, CTRL/File's leverage as a catalyst for productivity is quickly apparent in your organization.

As with many aspects of management, it's not the "What", but rather the "How" that makes the difference!

The CTRL/File agenda is a formidable efficiency platform for optimizing the most precious aspect of many companies: your available production capacity.

With its exceptional ability to adapt to the most demanding management contexts, the CTRL/File agenda offers all the parameters needed to define the scope and time constraints of each of your resources, both human and material (specialized equipment).

In a virtualized business world, your ability to communicate effectively with your ecosystem becomes a key element of your success.

But not all messages are dedicated to the same recipients, and the ability of your digital communications tool to target precisely, while automating the task, is undoubtedly a winning condition for fluid, high-performance communications.

When it comes to minimizing wasted time in the middle of the action, the accessibility and rapid retrieval of relevant reference information is a key factor in your productivity.

Thanks to its context-sensitive assistance functionality, CTRL/File can become a major asset for your work teams. Based on principles similar to those of search engines such as "Google®", but applied in the informational context of your company, this feature exploits the concept of information density to identify and suggest possible solutions.



A concept unique to CTRL ERP management solutions
management solutions, taking your organization to the next level of operational productivity.

A suite of standard management software with unrivalled parameterization flexibility
to suit your business context and keep pace with your company's projects.



Frequently Asked Questions


Whether it is to find a precise answer or general information, our Frequently Asked Questions provide an effective mean to understand in greater depth the operational management of your CTRL solution in order to maximize the benefits for your organization!

Check it out now!Hardware Specifications

Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/File


Evaluate your financial benefits with CTRL/File



Indicate your personalized data for each parameter

*Number of employees who will use CTRL/File:
*Number of days worked per employee per year:
*Number of daily trips by an employee to the office of a colleague:
*Number of calls or email exchanged daily between employees:
*Average hourly cost of an employee (including administrative costs): $
*Average hourly rate of your services: $

More parameters Less parameters

*Time allocated annually to internal communications:  h
*Proportion of time recovered with the use CTRL/File: % h
*Proportion of time that you think retrieved into billable time: % h

Length adjustable references

*Average length of internal displacement (ex: the time to walk): min(s)
*Average length of internal communications: min(s)

Find out how CTRL/File can help you save!

Your financial benefits with CTRL/File

Your annual cost savings potential: $
Additional potential annual revenues: $
 For the first three yearsThereafter
*For an investment per user equivalent to: $ / month $ / month
  $ / year $ / year

And remember that the financial benefits are not the only benefits to you.

CTRL/File will help improve communications with your customers so you can offer services more efficient and personalized.


*The fee may vary slightly from the results of the simulation depending on the software configuration chosen by the client.

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