Interventions Management Software CRM-XRM

Here is CTRL/File, the XRM solution (Extended Relationship Management) that goes beyond the basic CRM software to efficiently manage:

File & Documents Internal Communications (Interventions, Notes, Instant Messaging)External Communications (E-mails, Mass mailings, File transfer, Reminders)Agenda and Time Management


Your information management control centre!

CTRL/File is a XRM software (eXtended Relationship Management) ideally suited to today's information age. Gone are the days when entering and compiling quantitative data was all that counted. Today, the quality of data and the speed at which you can access it are equally important to increasing a work team’s productivity.

CTRL/File is a relational database that centralizes management information. It is this centralization that leads toenlightened management decisions and positive results.

When combined with other CTRL software, CTRL/File transforms your CTRL management solution into a veritable "ERP" (Enterprise Resources Planning); a global management solution that encompasses and integrates all company functions at an extremely competitive price.

Digital File

A customizable digital file... now reality!

CTRL/File of course stores usual information in individual files. You can also, however, customize the contents of standard information using its characteristics profile feature.

The flexibility of a characteristics profile allows you to determine the number of additional information fields you need to adapt CTRL/File to your particular management needs.

If, for example, you were to specify a particular region in the characteristics profile, you could target a series of files for batch mailing.

An exceptional communication tool!

CTRL/File manages your business's internal and external communications by eliminating the need for determine the speed you would like to move into the virtual communications world!

CTRL/File is a superior communications tool that offers seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies including E-mail, computer faxes, on-screen reports, on-file graphics, office document imports and more, to prepare you for new E-business challenges.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

To add a digital image to a file, such as a customer’s photograph, an equipment maintenance plan or another document, use CTRL/File to import images to a file to enhance textual information. CTRL/File supports most technical formats, but that's not all!

Use CTRL/File to add a video sequence to a file. For example, as part of an ongoing education program at the workplace to help an employee understand his duties.

The opportunities that spring forth from new technologies serve as the impetus to innovate and outperform.

Accurate file management for optimum contact!

Did you know that one of the factors to determining the success of business contacts is your ability to immediately get in touch with management individuals?

Unlike the competition, with CTRL/File you can store a characteristics profile and a complete history of activities in each file.

So, when you have to contact an individual or take action in a particular situation, you can do so with a full knowledge of the characteristics in the case.

These are all the elements necessary for a customized approach to communication that offers a real competitive advantage and sets you apart from the competition.

Management of to do tasks, the key to productivity!

A work team’s efficiency is defined by the speed at which each member is able to make a decision or perform an action that comes under his responsibility.

With a module to manage and automatically prioritize pending activities, CTRL/File represents a powerful strategic tool where a team manager’s aim is operating efficiency.

The interactive control of activities by each team member allows this person to view online a list of pending activities scheduled for him, carry out the activity and document the completed activity for his supervisor or another colleague who will follow up the activity or he can simply to clarify the history of the file.

Simply put, CTRL/File management software is also suited to small-scale projects.

CTRL/File has all the parameters necessary to configure and implement an automatic and sophisticated activity prioritization system that can adapt to even the most complex management situation.

Secure information sharing!

CTRL/File performs where other groupware programs fall short.

The successful implementation of a groupware application and secure information sharing to improve productivity hinges on the quality of information, because a manager cannot base decisions on uncertain information.

Without this one essential prerequisite, the implementation of a groupware program becomes a utopia and does more harm than good.

CTRL/File has advanced configuration features for secure access to information to ensure the continuous quality of shared information.

Different levels of security (consultation, modification, etc.) can be defined on the basis of file type or user. With CTRL/File, information sharing and improved productivity are now certain!

Accurate statistics for efficient decisions!

Decision-making is not an improvised management activity. That's why CTRL/File comes with management analyses compiled in the form of charts that can be imported from MS-Excel TM .

The incredible flexibility of the report generator of CTRL/Smigg, CTRL's application platform, allows you to customize compiled statistics or design your own management reports.

CTRL/Smigg: the CTRL difference!

CTRL/File is a comprehensive information management tool. Its CTRL/Smigg application platform offers advanced features that defy comparison. These are just some of its advanced features:

  • Customizable report generator;
  • Customizable work screens and headings;
  • Open technology. You can consult or analyze management data generated by CTRL/File using add-on software like MS-Excel TM or MS-Access TM .

Information management applications

CTRL/File is aptly nicknamed the "Management Chameleon" for its impressive management flexibility and the power of its CTRL/Smigg platform, tailor-made to handle your management needs: These are just some examples:

  • Business development and telemarketing control;
  • Customer service control;
  • Management of personnel and continuing education;
  • Tracking of preventive equipment maintenance;
  • Control of small-scale projects;
  • Management of accounts receivable;
  • Management of members;
  • Imports and direct-mail solicitation (integration with MS-Word TM )

CTRL/File propels the operating performance of any CTRL management solution to new heights and offers substantial added value to management.


CTRL/File is just the start of a series of CTRL management solutions dedicated to specialized sectors of activity.