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Managing the Future

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Our Mission: To Manage the Future


CTRL's mission is to provide scalable management solutions that meet your current and future management needs.

Improving an organization's performance requires optimizing and enhancing its processes and methods.

The flexibility and adaptability of management software are therefore fundamental characteristics for the efforts invested in computerization to become a real lever of productivity and growth.

This is CTRL’s mission, day in and day out: 

Be an active partner in the organizational development of our client's business by providing IT solutions and management expertise to drive their future growth. Simply put, to help our clients perform!

The key to our success: a team of experts who are always attentive to our clients needs and concerns, ready to assist them, and provide them with the professional support required to ensure optimal deployment of CTRL solutions.

We are here for you and your business!

Global and Integrated Management Solutions


CTRL solutions are referred to as “comprehensive” as they can cover the vast majority, if not all, of a company’s operational hubs within our target markets.

The term “integrated” refers to the elimination of redundant data entry and information and, by extension, the integrity of the information that flows transparently within the company.

Centralized and quality management information for an optimal decision-making approach at all times; this is what a real ERP management solution must offer.

That’s what CTRL offers!

why CTRL?


Leading-edge expertise in project management and health care management.

Fully integrated management software that eliminates duplication of data entry and information redundancy and increases the quality of management decisions.

An open technology approach that allows for the integration of external complementary applications.

High-end deployment and after-sales coaching that ensures the success of all business automation.

Vertical ERP solutions designed specifically for selected industries.

Highly configurable modular and standard software to adapt to a company's unique processes and know-how. Our solutions adapt to your management, not the other way around.

A ''user-pay'' pricing structure that optimizes the cost-benefit ratio of a CTRL solution. You’re paying today for what you’re using today. No other serious ERP management solution is more cost-competitive as CTRL!

Our clientele is our pride and our most valuable asset.


After more than 25 years, some 1,000 active clients and 8,000 users trust and rely on CTRL every day.

Why use ERP software for your business?

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To optimize your management and your operations.

A CTRL suite of software is integrated at all levels.