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Mastering the vocabulary and best business practices of a specialized sector is crucial to the success of your informatical automation project.

A specialty does not improvise itself, and CTRL specialized solutions result from a combination of several years of field experience and a deployment methodology proven by specialists.


Based on its domains of expertise, CTRL offers a portfolio of specialized management solutions incorporating the characteristics and specificities of vertical industries.

From the "Industry" menu, select the specialty area you are working in to learn more about the features of the CTRL solution:

  • Professional Services: Management of projects and mandates focused on time analysis, on the efficiency of the billing of personalized professional services and the analysis of profitability by type of service (accounting by activity).
  • Construction: Project management integrating all the considerations surrounding subcontracting, site management, CCQ payroll and the analysis of the profitability of your projects from all the essential monitoring angles in the sector.
  • Healthcare clinics: An EMR (Electronic Medical Record) enhanced with an ERP deployment, including advanced financial and inventory management components. Unique healthcare management solutions for clustering (banner) and multi-succursal management settings with web and telephone appointment booking centre.



Industry-specific CTRL solutions share a set of high functional characteristics level due to the presence of the CTRL/Smigg plateform:


  • The possibility of implementing complete digital document management ("paperless") to increase access to information and accelerate your digital transformation.
  • Extensive access management and operational and informational security to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Access detailed traceability of information (Who, When, What, Where) for continuous internal improvement needs or as a legal reference if required.
  • A flexible custom report generator to meet your needs on your own.
  • The ability to integrate your website and internal management via web forms designed with CTRL/Web. A potential lever for your customers, employees or suppliers.
  • Interconnection possibilities with complementary external applications via an "API" guaranteeing the integrity of the information shared with the external environment at CTRL.

Our clientele is our pride and our most valuable asset.


After more than 25 years, some 1,000 active clients and 8,000 users trust and rely on CTRL every day.

Why use ERP software for your business?

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To optimize your management and your operations.

A CTRL suite of software is integrated at all levels.

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