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to perfectly manage :
Your Project Costs Work in progress Construction Payroll (full CCQ report). Intercompany and multi-warehouse Interdivisional Management, etc.


Free your management potential!

When the activities and objectives of an organization’s profitability are based on projects, a manager has to be able to rely on a management tool dedicated to one purpose: Cost-effective projects!

Designed without compromise for a cost-effective mission, CTRL/Project effectively merges state-of-the-art operating techniques and technologies for optimum productivity, performance and competitiveness.

You’re a professional manager! This is THE professional project management software!


The power of information!

A custom coding structure

Like all CTRL software applications, CTRL/Project is the result of our team’s ability to solve the major dilemma of striking a perfect balance between simplicity and operating flexibility.

CTRL/Project comes with a code generator that allows a manager to define and adapt software to a business’s particular project management structure.

If timesheet entry requires the project name alone or a more advanced code such as "Project-Activity-Extra-Equipment", CTRL/Project adapts with ease.

Activity-based managing: the key to control!

Your company is currently using standardized business procedures and you would like to be able to assess the cost-effectiveness of a particular activity online?

CTRL/Project simplifies this task with its unlimited activity table and a series of reports dedicated entirely to an activity-based performance analysis.

Any manager who uses an activity-based approach to management will appreciate the value of a tracking tool that allows him to finally implement his vision of corporate management.

The project record: the management backbone!

The project record contains descriptive information about the basis of the project, including: Customer contact, principal project manager, region work is carried out, particular type of invoice, target profitability range, etc.

A click of the mouse also displays the project’s context-sensitive menu for access to details on information you would like to track.

A tool bar provides access to the software’s principal functions.

Result: Easy-to-read, precise and efficient management results!

Complete transactional integration.

A fundamental and essential characteristic of optimum efficiency is the ability to enter and generate a transaction via a timesheet, expense statement, accounting purchase journal, purchase order or bill. CTRL’s project solution requires no double entries for any transaction.

Centralized and decentralized timesheet

When it comes to project management, timesheets and expense statements generally account for the largest volume of transactions, hence the importance of flexible entry methods.

CTRL/Project has earned its reputation for superior adaptability by offering the following configuration options:

  • "Centralized entry" an entry made entirely by the administrative department.
  • "Decentralized entry" an entry made by each employee with secure access for each employee.
  • "Entry with external integration", for example, via a time stamp and use of magnetic cards.
  • "Web entry", via a Web site form and online entry.

All of these entry modes can be combined and CTRL/Project manages the compiled data for verification by the administrative department before final transfer.

A software ready for the partnership age!

Business alliances and partnerships are increasingly present in large-scale projects. A number of companies working together on one project is therefore now relatively commonplace.

In response to this growing trend, CTRL/Project can be used to centralize transactions generated by different companies into one single project file.

This allows a participating company or the company in charge of managing the consortium to consult information on the project.

Add to that the additional inter-company, consolidation, inter-division, profit-centre tracking and payer company features and you have distinctive management software that is unparalleled on the market!

Effective costs tracking

CTRL/Project ’s transaction history enables you to track project costs or produce a summarized or detailed cost analysis on the basis of any number of reports, for analysis from every possible angle.

In addition to "Actual-Budget" performance comparisons, all project expense reports can be set up on the basis of four cost categories (wages, materials, etc.) for a matrix analysis.

CTRL/Project can adapt to any situation thanks to its report generator that allows you to customize reports or export data in a "CSV" format for a graphical analysis in MS-Excel TM .

Work in progress (WIP)

Whether you are in the consulting, construction or manufacturing field, CTRL/Project ’s work in progress module is a must and as you will come to realize, the key to ensuring cost-efficient projects.

CTRL/Project ’s flexible design accommodates a range of management combinations, depending on the conditions of each business. For example, work in progress can be assessed at cost in the manufacturing sector or at sale in the professional services sector.

The assessment of WIP is carried out on the basis of the rate tables configured by the user. The "General" and "Particular" merge together with surprising ease because a special project can use a specific table and most other projects can be assigned a standard rate table. And…There’s no limit to the number of tables in use.

CTRL/Project includes a WIP analysis function that operates on the basis of the actual progress of each project. This enables a project manager to immediately identify over- or under-billing.

The software application can also be configured to automatically adjust WIP, based on criteria defined by the manager, to track a project easier.

CTRL/Project produces the reports needed to closely track WIP as well as special reports, including productivity, which is particularly helpful in assessing productivity per employee, and average rates reports, so essential in a multi-division setting.

Professional billing.

For the sake of cost-efficiency, sooner or later billing is necessary! CTRL/Project takes this crucial activity very seriously by offering two different approaches, which can be combined if necessary.

When work to be billed is associated with deliverables, for example, goods or a study report, CTRL/Product ’s basic invoicing supports this approach and fully integrates each project’s transaction history.

When billing for professional services, whether progressive or fixed costs are involved, CTRL/Project takes over with surprising presentation flexibility.

The software application has all of the billing parameters necessary to define a special configuration tailored to each project, minimum and maximum frequency, etc. and, where necessary, on a per project basis for an activity or specific extra.

The success of billing for professional services is based on batch invoicing, on which the entire process depends. Each batch invoicing is unique and can therefore be processed independently.

The security imparted by CTRL’s application platform, CTRL/Smigg , ensures that a project manager has access only to his personal invoicing batches for final preparation. The billing department has overall access to all batches for final billing.

Customized billing!

Where would professional billing be without the ability to customize the details of an invoice according to customer specifications? Not very efficient, based on the number of organizations that use word processing software for final billing!

CTRL/Project brings down the barriers and allows you to customize an invoice to each customer’s specifications.

Whether it is inserting a logo, selecting and positioning specific information for presentation or character type, CTRL/Smigg’s integrated form generator adjusts everything. And yes…Each project can have its own billing format!

Naturally, professional billing integrates entirely with the transaction history and work in progress, enabling a manager to determine the net balance of WIP for any project, as project billing progresses.

Profitability analysis.

You now have all the elements necessary to answer the all-important question: Is your project cost-effective?

Does answering this question send chills through you just at the though of the amount of work involved compiling relevant data?

With CTRL/Project , this is a thing of the past because details about the profitability of any project are available instantly simply by positioning your cursor over the project and activating the "Profitability" option. Obviously, it could not be easier!

No, this is not wishful thinking! Billing, costs, work in progress, "Actual-Budget" variance analyses, all this information is displayed on one screen that clearly details your project’s cost-effectiveness based on the progress of work you have identified at an earlier date.

A profitability analysis can also be conducted through a management by exception approach, enabling you to more closely focus on problematic projects in order to optimize your activities and time.

A profitability analysis is also available in the form of a report that offers three interactive levels of drilldown. This enables you to navigate from the general, i.e. project summary, to specifics, that is, details on transactions.

Sub-contracting and purchases.

CTRL/Project has a powerful module to track purchase orders generated by CTRL/Product , which is dedicated entirely to tracking per project.

This specialized module was designed primarily for a business with frequent sub-contracting activities, which are critical to a project’s cost-effectiveness. This function offers two levels of tracking: Detailed tracking by "Project-Activity-Extra-Order" and a summary follow-up by "Project-Activity".

The objective is track purchase orders in progress for each project and on a supplier basis, and to have online access to invoices pending (commitment), invoices received from a supplier and the balance owing the supplier for the order in question.

The tracking of holdbacks is entirely integrated and supports the concepts of progressive holdback and final holdback under contract.

Cost-efficient equipment!

CTRL/Project has an equipment management module to seamlessly integrate billing for a piece of equipment on an hourly basis or a fixed amount, to each project. This module offers much more still!

Because you have the flexibility to track maintenance costs for each piece of equipment, CTRL/Project allows you to use this information to produce a profitability analysis for use on the basis of equipment. Armed with this information, you can control specific billing rates to apply in order to ensure the cost-effectiveness of each item of equipment. Easy and efficient!

With its seamless integration to CTRL/File , you can attach digital documents, mechanical plans, etc. to your equipment record and keep close track of preventive maintenance for fixed assets.


Accounting and payroll designed for project management!

This is a component that radically distinguishes CTRL’s project solution from competitors.

Firstly, unlike other solutions on the market, the accounting component of your CTRL management solution never gets bogged down because it fully integrates with CTRL/Finance . CTRL/Project plays the role of an auxiliary dedicated to tracking each project.

So, we can assure you that gone are the endless account charts that seem to go on for as long as the number of projects your business manages. With CTRL, the project component remains in the project field and the accounting component remains in the accounting field!

But… there is one important feature …although CTRL/Finance is entirely dedicated to the accounting component, when it is combined with CTRL/Project , it automatically transforms to adapt many of its accounting functions to specific project management conditions.

For example, the analysis of accounting transactions generated from any source (journals, payroll, inventory, etc.) and the analysis of accounts receivable or accounts payable, automatically offer selection criteria and display formats based on a specific project or project manager.

The power of the CTRL solution!

CTRL/Project in itself is an exceptional management tool! However, when combined with other CTRL software applications to form a global "ERP" type management solution, it radically redefines performance.

Moreover, its CTRL/Smigg platform, the cornerstone of CTRL’s innovation, offers a strategic competitive advantage by allowing you the ability to customize reports and work screens. It also has advanced security features generally found only in expensive products.


CTRL/Project is just the start of a series of CTRL management solutions dedicated to specialized sectors of activity.

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