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A Communication Platform With Your Patients!

February 7th 2022

Sharing information with your patients and your business relationships has always been a fundamental issue in the management of your clinic. On the other hand, never have technologies offered as many possibilities as today.

Whether it's emails, text messages (SMS) or web portals, you can now count on various communication tools to enrich relationships with your patients. However, one aspect of this new world of communication is the variability of the devices used to interact with you. Therefore, the results you want to get from these tools may be restricted.

In fact, you cannot know exactly which device the patient who wishes to communicate with you possesses (smartphone or not, tablet, PC, etc.).

Also, you can't know the exact operating system version of your patient's device: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, BB10, etc.

Do these have a technological limit that could hinder your exchanges? It all depends on the type of communication you want (e.g., with or without dynamic interaction with the recipient).

CTRL/Clinic offers its "Cloud" communication platform to avoid these technological inconveniences, which guarantees maximum results, regardless of the device and operating system used.

In addition to improving the acuity of appointment confirmations by email, this platform supports appointment confirmation by SMS.

In addition, it allows you to set up the enhanced platform for exchanges with your patients through the "Interface and Web Services" module of CTRL/Clinic.

For example, in addition to the usual information, it is now possible to personalize your distribution of information to your web portal according to the specific profile of the patient.

You can then be there for your patients at all times, both at home and on the road. To find out more about the communication possibilities of CTRL/Clinic and how to deploy these services, contact a CTRL advisor now.

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