THE "Project solution"

For profitability!

A total of over fifteen years of know-how has gone into a projects management solution that propels cost-efficiency to new heights.


When the activities and objectives of an organization’s profitability are based on projects, a manager has to be able to rely on a management tool dedicated to one purpose: Cost-effective projects!


If you’re looking for an integrated global solution that eliminates redundant information and operations, look no further! CTRL has the complete management solution.

In its minimal edition, the CTRL projects management solution consists of the "Job Costs" module of our flagship software application CTRL/Project and its essential companion CTRL/Finance .


But if you’re looking for a management solution in step with your specific needs, the CTRL solution expands and soars with a combination of the following CTRL software applications:


To learn more about each CTRL softwares :

Quality partners

CTRL is proud to be an active member of the Corporation Des Entrepreneurs Généraux du Québec.


The "ezWork" software by IBI Solutions fully integrates with the CTRL/Project software to offer you a complete management solution on construction sites!

IBI Solutions


You are looking for a simple and effective estimation software? Note that the General Estimator fully integrates your CTRL/Project solution!



Software from a new generation! User-friendly, there is no need for extensive training. In a few hours, you are ready to go!

Carole Vacon, Executive director
Couvre Planchers Labrosse Inc., Laval

Finally a management tool a head above the competition.

CTRL is essential to any organization intent on making company information a part of the decision-making process.

Richard Belisle c.a.
Stever Group