Here is the ERP Financial Software 
you need to perfectly manage:
Chart of accounts and budgets. Payable and Receivable accounts. Time Management. Financial statements and management indicators.

Accounting flexibility and reliability combine!

Looking for a reliable and performing accounting software? Look no further!

The CTRL accounting software "CTRL/Finance" is designed to fit your current needs and has everything you'll need for the future!

CTRL/Finance software

General ledger and financial statements

Transaction-based architecture: the key to accounting performance!

A little known fact, the transactional architecture of an accounting software program is one of the basic elements to actually increasing accounting productivity.

For example, is recreating the age of accounts receivable or performing a bank reconciliation at a prior date important to you?

Obviously, periodic follow-up accounting activities require going back to the situation that existed at an earlier date to revalidate a control point.

The transactional openness of a software program eliminates the need to close an account period before a new one can be opened.

With CTRL/Finance , a financial manager has secured access to maximize the benefits this architecture offers for complete control over entries and accounting integrity. The best of both worlds!

Chart of accounts and budgets, the focal point!

The CTRL/Finance accounting chart is suited to complex accounting situations and can encode up to 15 alphanumerical characters.

Track three budget levels: current, revised and follow-up. A series of support features also help you prepare budgets.

CTRL/Finance comes with a sophisticated planning tool that incorporates an MS-EXCEL TM spreadsheet to simulate your budgeted cash flow.

Account books designed to perform!

Enter accounting transactions by clicking on the toolbar to access the usual account books.

Whether it is a purchase, sale or other account book, carry out a series of transactions with just one entry.

Validate accounting entries linked to your entry before final posting to the General Ledger.

CTRL/Finance comes with an automatic entry feature that breaks down a total amount into a percentage and an automatic reverse entry function. Little "Extras" that make a big difference!

Analysis and auditing trails. Maximize productivity!

Reliable accounting software is one that earns your trust. CTRL/Finance clearly lives up to such an acknowledgement.

Errors during entry, even the odd one, are unfortunately a fact of life, resulting in lost time at the end of a period correcting the situation to ensure reliable accounting information.

CTRL/Finance offers a series of analyses to control and verify use. Simply select the approach suited to a situation.

For example, if the information you’re are looking for pertains to only one account, simply consult that account’s transaction history.

No need to print a report. All the transactions for a particular account are displayed!

Where a large number of transactions are involved, use the CTRL/Smigg "Filter" feature to filter accounting transactions according to criteria.

If your analysis involves more than one account, the transaction analysis reports in the General Ledger are a better bet.

Define different criteria for very specific analyses. The summary reports also offer an interactive drill down feature to analyze the details of a particular result.

Similar to the transaction history for an account, accounts receivable and accounts payable subsidiary ledgers come with features to consult the history of transactions on the basis of contact. This is an additional approach to an information search and accounting audit trail. No more guessing games with your accounting system!

Accounts receivable and accounts payable

Accounts receivable and accounts payable records, efficient subsidiary ledgers!

"Customer" and "Supplier" records allow you to instantly access the address, telephone number or general information about a contact.

Specific customer or supplier parameters can be defined to streamline entries to account books: the default General Ledger account, tax codes, currency, etc.

CTRL/Finance ’s "Accounts receivable" and "Accounts payable" modules have the features that make it an accounting software worthy of its name: account date analysis, customer account statements, analysis and batch printing of supplier cheques according to specific criteria, etc.

CTRL has also improved the role of subsidiary ledgers, making them a major focal point of information enabling you to immediately respond to recurrent or frequent matters.

For example, when a supplier calls about bill payment, the initial reflex is usually to tell him that you’ll call him later after you’ve checked on it.

With CTRL/Finance , one click of the mouse displays the supplier’s transaction history or bills in progress so you can respond right away. No more delays or lost time!

Time management!

Centalized and decentralized time sheets

As the saying goes, "Time is money". With CTRL/Finance you can count on a management tool that adapts to small, medium or large business situations. The time sheet and expenditure statement modes provide the flexibility you need:

  • "Centralized entry" where entries are made entirely by the administrative department.
  • "Decentralized entry" where entries are made by each employee with secure access for each employee.
  • "Remote entry" using a time clock or magnetic cards for example.
  • "Web site entry" using a Web site form and online entry.

The powerful CTRL/Smigg platform also offers the freedom to configure columns that appear on your time sheet and expenditure statement to tailor CTRL/Finance to our needs.

Payroll Module

The most reliable and flexible payroll software on the market!

Without doubt, payroll is one of the most crucial activities for businesses. Due to the unique characteristics of a particular sector of activity and its specific requirements, at times very complex, it’s not surprising that so many software developers tend to shy away from the payroll component.

A self-proclaimed global management solution cannot bypass the need for a payroll module that fully interfaces with the other management components of your business.

Not only does CTRL/Finance include a complete payroll module buts its incredibly flexible configuration features offer infinite management possibilities. The four main methods of operating the payroll module:

  • Standard payroll.
  • Construction payroll, complete with a construction industry commission report (CCQ).
  • "Employee-Supplier" payroll. For sectors operating on a free-lance basis, such as the motion picture sector.
  • "Employee-Employer" payroll. For sectors in which the business provides a payroll service to its subcontractors, who are themselves employers.

A customizable transaction-based structure, rate configurator and modifying agent configurator (deduction), combine to form a payroll software ready to tackle a small-scale operation or the fine details of a highly-specialized sector!

Bank reconciliation made easy!

Perform an outstanding items bank reconciliation from only one screen. Nothing more, but more importantly, nothing less because everything you need is there!

Simplicity meets efficiency. Select the bank account, enter the date of your bank statement, indicate the balance of your statement and as you reconcile items, the difference between CTRL/Finance ’s General Ledger and the balance of your statement changes in real time until you reach zero when everything balances.

Instantly enter and transfer additional accounting transactions, during the bank fee reconciliation procedure for example. Yes, you read correctly! Make general journal entries without interrupting the reconciliation process.

Financial statements and management indicators

CTRL/Finance comes with an income statement generator to create different display formats for all your analysis and communication needs.

Variance expressed as an amount or as a percentage, current period or total-to-date results, compared to the budget and/or previous year. You control the financial reporting.

But if you’re looking for even more flexibility, the software comes with a standard MS-Excel TM spreadsheet to seamlessly integrate with CTRL/Finance . You can then wrap up your financial statements with additional analysis.

Profit Centre-Based Management

CTRL/Finance ’s department (division)-based concept and the flexibility of secondary charts, allow you to obtain complete profit and loss statements, showing profitability by department. Profit centre-based management is now a strategy within reach!

Management Trend Charts

The future of Management Information Systems (MIS) is definitely evolving towards Decision Support Systems (DSS). True to its leading-edge commitment, CTRL has developed a financial trend chart that allows a visionary to define and closely track business-related management indicators.

Delivered automatically with CTRL/Finance , this trend chart is tied to accounting data and it’s MS-Excel TM design allows you to mould it to the personality of your business.

Inter-company management. Consolidate your assets!

Where money can be transferred between different companies due to the corporate structure (i.e. parent company, consortium), CTRL/Finance ’s inter-company module is perfect for conducting seamless exchanges.

The module also offers much more, because in its presence most of CTRL/Finance ’s key functions transform to introduce the consolidation principle.

For example, generate an analysis of consolidated accounts receivable, an analysis of consolidated General Ledger transactions, a consolidated global profit and loss statement or statement by department where management is profit centre-based, a consolidated balance sheet, obviously, and even automatically itemize the employee salaries in each company.

The inter-company module is another high-end feature that puts CTRL/Finance in an accounting software category by itself.

Want more? How about open technology!

In addition to storing a detailed history of each financial year, CTRL/Finance can export accounting data in DBase TM format for use add-on software such as MS-Access TM for customized reports.

The heart of a high-performance "ERP" system!

CTRL/Finance is exceptional stand-alone accounting software! However, combine it with other CTRL software and go into overdrive for a global management system (MIS, ERP) unlike anything on the market. CTRL/Finance seamlessly integrates with the following CTRL software:

An added benefit of working with the powerful CTRL/Smigg platform, the cornerstone CTRL’s innovation, is an unparalleled competitive advantage. For example, customized reports and state-of-the-art management security characteristics. High-end features normally found only in expensive products.


CTRL/Finance is just the start of a series of CTRL management solutions dedicated to specialized sectors of activity.