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March 12th 2024

A healthcare clinic is a business like any other. One need only think of the massive investments made in technology and staff training to see the obvious.

In this business context, the professional owner finds himself wearing the shoes of both a healthcare provider and an accomplished manager, whether he likes it or not.


That's why it's so important to be able to rely on a computerized management solution that goes beyond simple treatment room management.

With the speed of your day-to-day business and the number of decisions it entails, it's vital that you can rely on accurate, quality information when you need it.

Otherwise...wasted time and navigational errors can become costly.

This is where CTRL's Computerized Management Solution stands out from the competition:

  • CTRL/Clinic software comes with nearly 250 standard operational management and information analysis reports which, combined with the flexibility of their filtering criteria, give you access to certainly over a thousand possible angles of analysis of your management information.
    One of these is the strategic clinical time analysis report, which will quickly become a strategic decision-making pivot for optimizing the management of your care and services. 
  • CTRL/Clinic also comes with a report generator offering three levels of customized report design (Simplified, Document, Advanced) to meet your most sophisticated analysis needs. Understand: If the specific analysis you want is not included in the software, you can simply create it with the generator.

Two invaluable management tools and levers to add to CTRL's comprehensive care and patient management functionality.

Just like in the best advertisements ;-)... that's not all!

And yes, that's not all, because few healthcare managers know that a CTRL management solution can also cover additional aspects to set up an even more comprehensive integrated management solution:

  • Complete accounting management with CTRL/Finance (including payroll), which is then fed directly by CTRL/Clinic invoicing. Example of added value: automated production of financial statements by professional, with budget tracking by treatment category as required.
  • Complete inventory management with CTRL/Product for rigorous monitoring of this critical aspect of your profitability. Inventory management fully integrated with CTRL/Clinic invoicing for material sales, and with CTRL/Finance for purchasing and supplier payment management.

As a result, you'll have greater information potential for better analysis and management decisions at all times, when you need them.

If you're part of a group or banner of clinics, look no further! CTRL offers a unique ERP management solution, the only one offering you a truly global and integrated management solution designed by a single, 100% Quebec-based supplier.

Interested in optimizing the management of your clinic? Submit an information request and one of our consultants will contact you. 

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