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Discover the Full Potential of
CTRL/Smigg to Exploit It Better!


The SMIGG application platform is at the strategic heart of any CTRL management solution. It contains a wealth of features that facilitate your management and speed up your decision-making.


  • Easily configurable secure access:
    Our Smigg platform gives the manager complete control over the functionality accesses (report, documents, processing) and information managed by CTRL software. Flexible and comprehensive management of sensitive information.
  • Highly configurable work environment:
    Thanks to the performance of Smigg, each user can define and use up to 9 personalized work environments. Each work environment is usually designed for specific tasks to optimize productivity. The user can quickly switch from one working environment to another, depending on their work context.
  • Powerful report and form generator:
    Another significant advantage is that our customers benefit from a powerful built-in report and form generator. While many reports designed to meet your industry needs are already available from your CTRL solution, Smigg allows you to develop and customize your own reports and forms. We give you all the possibilities for a personalized analysis of your management information to make more informed decisions!
  • A single platform for all your CTRL software:
    Another interesting feature is that the Smigg manages all the software making up your CTRL solution. Whether you use our accounting, project management, CRM or clinical and healthcare management software, you keep the same main menu and the same overall security or parameterization options. CTRL/Smigg gives you automatic productivity gain in terms of training your staff.


In short, Smigg may be the most discreet tool in your CTRL solution, but it is the most convenient and versatile. Well-mastered, the Smigg platform will facilitate your management, enlighten your decision-making and save your team precious time.



To learn more about the potential of Smigg, several training sessions will be offered to you during the year. Check out our online continuing education program to enroll and harness the full management potential of CTRL!


The CTRL team



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