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Special promotion

By applying by December 31, 2022, to this offer,
benefit from the following advantages:

  • Three months of free SMS communications.
  • First hour free of charge for configuration and activation of features at your clinic.

If you take advantage of this offer, you will be able to have access to four perfectly integrated tasks for the efficient digital management of your appointments:


Send your reminders in batches by SMS and email

  • No more individual calls or individual email communications! Guaranteed time savings.

Online appointment scheduling directly integrated into your Progident reminder and agenda

  • Integrate the link to your Web Progident appointment booking in your reminder message and offer your patient to book his appointment immediately upon receipt of your reminder!
  • The patient makes an appointment: you are notified, his appointment automatically appears in your Progident agenda, and the associated reminder, if applicable, can be closed.
  • Increase interaction with your patient and make it easier for them to increase their adherence to your services.


Send your appointment confirmations in batches by email and SMS

  • When the time comes, quickly send your personalized appointment confirmation requests by email and SMS.
  • The patient confirms his appointment: you are notified, and the status of his appointment is automatically updated in the schedule to inform you that he has confirmed his presence.


You want to do the last follow-up 2 or 3 days before your appointments

Thanks to the visual appointment status, you have two final follow-up options for optimal management just before appointments or to avoid last-minute absences from your schedule:

  • You resend a confirmation request in batch (SMS / email) strictly to patients who have not yet confirmed their appointment.
  • If necessary, you proceed verbally for the last confirmation, but with minimal follow-ups.



Many of our customers already use it, so why don't you?


A golden opportunity to accentuate your digital management and offer value-added services to your patients.


If you would like to take advantage of this offer or learn more about the management possibilities and performance of the Progident solution, click on the button below to manifest your interest.

I would like more information about the offer and the Clinic solution

Looking forward to serving you,

The CTRL Team


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Quebec City (PQ) G1P 2J2 Canada

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