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Accelerate your project management with digital document management from CTRL


The most recent CTRL Project Management Solution includes a series of strategic enhancements involving, among other things, digital document management:


  • Structured document management with the introduction of automatisms for creating documentary directories by stakeholder file.
  • The expanded possibility of attaching additional digital documentation to an internal reference document (your computer paper clip). For example, linking contracts, agreements, letters, or other relevant documents to your supplier's or customer's invoices.
  • A new interactive document viewer for centralized and integrated viewing of linked digital documents.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft's Windows® Explorer. Suppose you want to make an immediate adjustment to a document (eg MS-Word®), double click and edit your document. Then, save it, and your modified digital copy is automatically integrated into your CTRL management, ready to be e-mailed as needed!


Accelerate your supplier invoice approval process

Are you validating an aspect of a project with a supplier? Navigate and view all linked documents by switching directly from one document to another in your CTRL solution.


Therefore, digitizing your internal supplier invoice approval process is now possible from start to finish.



Refine your payment approval process

Fully integrated with CTRL/Product order management and CTRL/Finance supplier payment management, the payment release process can now consist of three levels of numerical approval, one more than in the previous version: loaded projects, review and administrative approval, and financial management.



Communicate digitally in batch in a structured way

Based on significant improvements introduced to the report generator and the batch communication functionality of our CRM CTRL/File, the production of individualized documents with simultaneous e-mailing is now done with even more transparency and speed.


A single gesture of management, three simultaneous digital actions:


  1. Batch production of personalized documents for a list of stakeholders targeted by management profile;
  2. A personalized document is automatically saved in the digital file of each targeted stakeholder;
  3. An integrated sending of the personalized digital document by e-mail to the person concerned.


Whether it's your end-of-month customer billing or sending specifications for a call for tenders to various suppliers selected according to a specialty profile, managing your communication needs is greatly accelerated.



Switch to digital project management with CTRL!



Ask a CTRL advisor to contact you to learn more about CTRL's digital project management.


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