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The playground of many companies is now global!


Suppose you are one of those companies that deal internationally on a daily basis. In that case, multi-currency transaction management can quickly become cumbersome and slow down the production of financial analyzes that are the basis for rapid and informed decisions.


That time is over with CTRL's multi-currency management! 

  • Closely follow the evolution of your financial situation in the continually fluctuating environment of exchange rates;
  • Trade in the number of currencies of your choice;
  • Define your personalized approach to exchange rate provisions, gains and losses;
  • Analyze your financial statements in your base currency at all times.



And there's more! The multi-currency CTRL concept is fundamentally based on our CTRL/Finance accounting software. Still, as an ERP solution, the multi-currency CTRL concept is transversal in our application platform and extends to other CTRL software that each complements your solution. Therefore, you can combine this possibility with any other CTRL software and provide your management solution with a multi-currency capability!


Free yourself from the limitations of your current accounting software or management solution. Save time, precision, and control with CTRL's multi-currency management solution.


Our team of professionals offers you unparalleled support for a CTRL deployment that leads you directly to your objectives.


Experience the difference with CTRL!


To learn more about our multi-currency management or to get a free demonstration, click on the button below, and a CTRL advisor will contact you as soon as possible.


Looking forward to discussing with you,
The CTRL team

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