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Be Mobile and Integrated; Be Effective and Productive!

February 12th 2020

CTRL is proud to announce the enhancement of its professional services solution with the arrival of a new mobile timesheet.

This new management possibility is particularly useful and relevant for the time management of professional advisers on the road and frequently working from your clientele's offices.

They can complete their timesheet using their phone as they make their interventions with each client. Everything is immediately integrated into the central administrative management of the timesheets.

In the upstream of the billing and payroll process, your employees can validate and finalize their timesheets once they have returned to the office or even their residence, at any time.

Be Mobile and Integrated With CTRL

Results and Benefits:

  • Elimination of data redundancy and time losses;
  • Faster billing of your professional services;
  • A more up-to-date financial vision of your business through quickly powered work in progress;
  • Full integration with CTRL's ERP solution for project management and professional mandates.

That's not all! The CTRL mobile timesheet can be added and combined with the other existing time management features of the CTRL solution:

  • Web timesheet per workstation;
  • Local timesheet per workstation.

When you enter a mobile timesheet, it automatically appears in the other interfaces dedicated to timesheet management.

Moreover, as if that was not enough, CTRL's mobile timesheet can also be deployed on any of the most common mobile devices (tablet, phone, ...) on the market (e.g.: iPhone or iPad, PDA or Android tablet).

You no longer have to worry about the preferred device your employee uses in your time management optimization project.

CTRL's mobile time sheet is, therefore, part of the new "BYOD" corporate trend (Bring Your Own Device) that gives your employees the freedom to use whatever they like.

The business and the professional manager seeking a serious ERP management solution for the management of their professional services now have the solution at their fingertips: CTRL.

To learn more about our mobile timesheet or any questions, contact one of our advisors by clicking here.

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