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New Display Themes for Greater Management Possibilities

July 18th 2019

New Display Themes for CTRL

The latest version of the CTRL application platform introduces, for all CTRL software, new possibilities in terms of display themes and work environments management. Indeed, we provide you with a new interface layer that allows you to choose from a list of elaborate display themes in order to further customize your work environment and increase your flexibility and fluidity management.

A More Refined Work Environment Management 

When you are in full concentration on a specific task, it can be frustrating to inadvertently move a work window or even close one as this phenomenon slows down your management; you have to reactivate your environment or replace the work window manually.

Thanks to our latest version of the CTRL application platform, you now have the option to lock your work environment to create a unified screen that prevents unintentional window movement or closing.

With a new lock icon in the main menu of your software, you can, with one click, remove all options for opening, closing or minimizing a window for each opened element of your working environment. The lines surrounding each one of them also disappear to provide a more comprehensive finish, giving the impression of working only in one window, and not several.

The opposite is also possible; you can reactivate the closing and moving options by clicking a second time on the lock icon.

An Environment Designed for You

Some research in the eye health field suggests a direct link between your work environment and the health of your vision. As a matter of fact, the brightness of your screen should be adjusted according to your work environment, which the introduction of a series of CTRL display themes with a dark or light background can help you control.

When activating the new dark theme, the background changes automatically from white to black, whereas the writing changes from black to white, and vice versa for the activation of the light mode.

Thus, in a situation where the light of your screen becomes irritating, a change of theme to a darker background can help reduce the damage to the sight by using a lighting more pleasing to the eyes since it can help reduce eye strain.

Your eye strain can be significantly reduced, and your daily work can benefit from it.

But beware, a dark background is not always the solution! If your company works in a very bright environment, you can instead select a light theme to prevent the ambient light from disturbing the background of your software, which can put strain on the eyes.


CTRL software, therefore, performs well in all work environments. The update and modernization of their presentation are designed according to the right-angled corner display of the Windows 10TM type so you can feel in a familiar work environment that offers you significant flexibility and fluidity management.

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