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Contact Your Patients More Efficiently with CTRL/Clinic

April 18th 2019

Catching-up on delays in your clinic can quickly add to your agenda. Thus, rigorous monitoring of your patients and their appointments becomes a key aspect of your management, both for your clinic and for the satisfaction of the client's experience.

With CTRL/Clinic, you can easily enhance your clinic procedures by adding informational value to your patients' digital data. Indeed, with the latest version of our software, you have the ability to configure the communication preferences of your patients to reach them faster. In the presence of several available communication coordinates, it is also possible to establish an order of preference between them.

To this option can be added the integration of an automatic dialling platform directly into your CTRL/Clinic software. This will ensure that you optimize the administrative time of your clinic by improving your daily efficiency!

Moreover, the CTRL solution supports the automated confirmation of appointments by email and text message since its version 9. When you use this function, as soon as a patient confirms an appointment through an email or text message sent using CTRL/Clinic, your agenda is automatically updated. The appointment status is then changed to “appointment confirmed” so that your staff can concentrate on the unconfirmed appointments. This saves your administrative staff time while promoting the diligence of your clientele. Take advantage of it!

To know more about our healthcare management solution, contact a CTRL representative now!

Contact Your Patients With CTRL/Clinic
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