The ERP solution!

The CTRL difference!

If you're a current CTRL customer or plan to become one shortly, you're probably looking for a reliable fully integrated management solution.

Customized high-performance management software for the cost of standard software! What could be better! This is where CTRL dominates and defies comparison!

CTRL innovates and offers a unique concept of specialized management suite using the CTRL/SmiggTM platform.

CTRL management suite is a management solution comprised of a series of software programs dedicated to a specific application, to create a sophisticated and cost-effective Management Information System (MIS, ERP).

The end result of the seamless integration of CTRL software is high operating efficiency and capabilities far superior to other software manufacturers, due to the horizontal and vertical management flexibilty concept .

What's more: No unwanted surprises! CTRL manufactures the complete management solution!

CTRL software can be combined to produce a variety of management configurations and its customizable features make it easy to adapt to a broad range of specialized management needs.

Customers profit from the advanced know-how amassed over the years by its team and certified partners because CTRL has developed high-performance standard management solutions for specific sectors.

All CTRL management solutions utilize proven standard software that can be incorporated gradually, if necessary, to adapt a computerization project to management objectives and budgets.

As you visit our Web site, the advantages to choosing CTRL become clear.

At CTRL, customer satisfaction does not focus on technology. The goal is to achieve management objectives. Technology is simply a means of attaining a management goal!

Horizontal and vertical management flexibility

This is an innovative feature that puts CTRL in a class of its own. While the basic principles themselves are simple, applying and implementing these principles within a management software program is another story. This is where CTRL has proven its proficiency.

The flexibility of a computerized management solution occurs along two axes: the operational poles axis (horizontal) and management levels axis (vertical). For management software to be flexible, it must allow a manager to adapt the computerization of his company as he sees fit according to the projection created using the two axes.

For the software manufacturer, the goal is to design a management tool with features that maximize the flexibility of adaptation along these two axes. The key to achieving this objective, however, hinges on one essential element without which organizational changes for company operations cannot take place, namely: simple operation .

The challenge is therefore to overcome the ambiguous concept of combining management "Flexibility" with "Simplicity".

CTRL obviously cannot divulge all of its secrets! But a CTRL management solution in action is a clear demonstration of how CTRL has successfully resolved this operational dilemma!