The Inventory Management Software
that taking orders:
Multiversion & multi-warehouse management for your products. Sales management and billing of your products and services. Order management and purchasing. Integrated with other CTRL software for increased performance.

The perfect ERP solution to efficiently manage inventory, orders and invoicing.

CTRL/Product is designed on the basis of the innovative concept of an open transaction-oriented architecture that originated with the previous generation of CTRL modeling.

Beyond the technical considerations, this leading-edge advancement provides innovative managers with unprecedented management capabilities.  One of the most remarkable being that a manager can completely transfer his or her strategic vision of product management to a computerized management tool. 

If CTRL is synonymous with “Flexibility”, then CTRL/Product is definitely our most advanced software in terms of management configuration possibilities, because it supports, among other things, an “intercompany” mode.

Product Management

Your Information… A Strategic Foundation!

The software’s central focus is product management, since it allows you to define all of the products in inventory that your enterprise manages.

Select an item from inventory and consult crucial information about it at anytime, making everyday decisions easier.

An “item” record is but one component of CTRL/Product's flexibility. Its unique "Multiunit" feature totally separates a unit and applicable currency to manage quantities on hand, sales transactions and purchase transactions.

So, you can buy a product by the dozen in Japanese yen, store it in packets of 24 units in Canadian dollars and sell it in packets of 6 units in Mexican pesos!

CTRL/Product also manages serial numbers and the transaction history of an item for instant information about where an item is located, whether it is in the hands of a customer or elsewhere in your enterprise.

“Multiple Version” and “Multiple Warehouse” Management

CTRL/Product allows you to manage a number of versions of an item that may be stored in different warehouses. You choose the coding combination best suited to your enterprise.

More simply, with just a simple on-screen check, this feature answers a common inventory management question:  How many items of a particular version, in a specific warehouse, do we have?

No more exhausting searches tracking down the answer to this one question!

A Customizable Transaction-Oriented Engine

No need for sales and purchasing modules to accurately manage and track inventory transactions. Use the software's "Transaction" function to enter information related to any type of action on a specific product.

The software anticipate supports of regular inventory transactions. It also allows you to define types of customized transactions and to configure the impact the transaction will have on "item” accumulators.

The potential this architecture has to offer is real-time access to an important accounting feature:  you can re-create the value of inventory at an earlier date of your choice

CTRL/Product’s transaction node design supports the dynamic integration of specialized external applications (weigh scale system, cash register, etc.) and offers the same level of data integrity as transactions that are keyed in to the software.

Notice to Barcode Scanners!

All item entry functions support the use of barcode scanners. Use barcode scanners to take a physical inventory, for storefront billing or receipt of a purchase order. This speeds up information processing and boosts productivity.

Critical functions have a “Mobile” scanning mode that is devoted specifically to intelligent entry.  In other words, you can add a product to inventory just by scanning its in-house barcode or the supplier's barcode.

Managing Sales

Versatility to Maximize Profitability!

CTRL/Product’s sales order module features unsurpassed versatility to manage sales and billing activities.

Explore Market Potential, Sell!

With CTRL/Product , put together business proposals and sales tenders in little or no time at all.

In fact, the software includes analysis reports to closely track the most crucial component of future earnings:  current sales and potential sales orders. Now, the advantages of proactive management are clearer than ever!

The earnings volume of potential orders per territory, salesperson or other criteria; You define the most effective analysis criteria!

A client has accepted your proposal? Great! CTRL/Product instantly converts your proposal to an order. No new data to key in;  it’s ready in an instant! 

With the same vision in mind, you’re ready to bill and ship products, proceed directly from a sales order and make the necessary changes to the number of items for shipment. The software automatically controls quantities on back order (B.O.).

Management of sales orders includes a batch billing feature and efficient repetitive billing function. Features that are useful in situations where equipment is rented or for billing fixed lump sums over a specific period on a per order basis.

Simplicity and Performance!

Do your sales activities follow a simple process that does not require management of sales orders?

It's not a problem for CTRL/Product's base module. It includes a storefront billing feature ideal for distribution or retail situations with a “Point of Sale” approach. The use of barcode scanners boosts efficiency.

What Price, You Ask?

CTRL/Product includes a price configurator that adjusts to any type of sales situation and seamlessly manages exceptions that may be part of operations.

Whenever you need to automatically manages volume discounts, a special promotion over a fixed period, a percentage discount or a special price for a customer, CTRL/Product’s price configurator is ready to take de challenge.

Procurement Management

Well-Planned Purchases!

Since an enterprise’s inventory is a strategic asset, the supply chain is something that requires careful management. With CTRL/Product’s purchasing management module, you can achieve this objective using many different ways.

First, an item record allows you to define a minimum stock threshold and the number of items on order to maximize cost-efficient purchases. If you use requisitions for day-to-day reservations of material for sales, production or another department, a buyer can rely on the procurement analysis report to determine which purchases are necessary.

The report automatically adjusts itself as purchase orders are forwarded to suppliers.  A buyer therefore focuses on up-to-the-minute needs for material that come from departments within the enterprise. Energy is invested only where it’s needed!

Purchase orders also have a status that you can use to check their in-house status. For example, use this feature to manage the phase leading up to a final purchase order, which is price enquiries. Purchase orders can be prepared and sent to suppliers using one main source document.

A status can be useful in situations where an order requires approval at several levels before it is forwarded to a supplier.

One or Many!

The more suppliers involved in the procurement process, the greater the variety of codes used to identify items. Without a system in place to align codes used by suppliers with your own in-house codes, management efficiency can be seriously undermined.

To remedy the situation, each product from your inventory can be linked to one or more suppliers and each product can be assigned a specific part number for use on an order, or another purchasing parameter that applies to a specific supplier.

For maximum seamless operation, CTRL/Product use either one of these codes (in-house or supplier) to enter or process any type of purchasing document. No more worrying about the source of the item code to ensure maximum entry efficiency.

Document Management

The document management module operates according to the same open architecture as the software’s transaction node to model and manage all types of documents, other than purchase and sales orders. CTRL/Product help's you manage in-house orders for material, work orders, production orders, merchandise returns, etc. with ease, and precisely control the impact that each type of document will have on transactions.

For a faster, more efficient response, each document can be linked to a colour. Colour codes allow you to follow up important documents faster in strategic work windows.

Like a basic “Sales Order” and “Purchase Order” document, you can determine the series of phases that a document will go through before a final document is produced (Requisition – Purchase order- Receiving – Purchase invoice), by capitalizing on the flexibility that a chain of documents has to offer.

This allows you to tailor the software to specific management processes. With CTRL/Product’s flexible transaction and document-oriented architecture, you can configure document links between each phase of management... flexibility that you have to see to believe!

Together with control of the status of each document (back order, active, completed and other customized statuses), you have everything you need to implement and manage a customized supply chain.

Product Use Statistics

The Key to Optimizing Inventory!

CTRL/Product comes with a series of statistical reports that allow you to examine the number of items of a given product that have been bought or sold over a specific monthly or yearly interval.

Instantly determine which raw materials and finished goods are used least to minimize obsolescence and storage costs, etc.

Product use analyses show recurring cycles of in-house or external demand for a given item.  This feature provides strategic information about consumption that can be used for yearly planning of purchases using open orders or to plan production of certain finished goods.

Once you have an accurate understanding of fluctuations of key products, as the classic Pareto principle shows (20% - 80% rule), you can optimize customer satisfaction and avoid out-of-stock situations.

CTRL/Smigg: The CTRL Difference!

Extremely Accurate Management Processes

Considering the high costs of storage, handling and obsolete products that go unused, there is very little room for error in inventory management. Coupled with these demands is the on-going pressure to ensure prompt delivery of a quality product to customers.

Inventory management must therefore follow strict business procedures to ensure optimum efficiency of this strategic asset.

For these processes to produce the desired results, individuals within your organization must be supported by an access configuration system at each phase of the process.

To meet these challenges, CTRL/Product draws on the power of the CTRL/Smigg application platform.  Its powerful function and information features ensure extremely accurate control of all management processes.

A Platform that Delivers an Added Edge!

In addition to its security-based properties, CTRL/Smigg offers an impressive range of features that high-level executives will appreciate. For example, a report and personalized form generator, a work screen configurator and a series of other functions that make a difference when you are using a professional management solution.


CTRL/Product is just the start of a series of CTRL management solutions dedicated to specialized sectors of activity.