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Project Cost Management Software
you need to :
Monitor your projects profitability. Manage your work-in-progress.. Perform payroll task according to construction industry. Control Intercompany & Interdivisional warehouse management. Manage progressive of flate rate billing, etc.


The strategic ally of your growing business!

CTRL develops and markets business software for nearly 20 years. Since the company was founded, we provide specialized and proven management solutions for the construction industry.

With over 800 active clients and over 1200 software licenses sold, CTRL is a reference in the field in IT and represents primarily a strategic ally for your growing business.



Solid "Advantages" for Managing Your Construction Business!

  • Produce payrolls that comply with the construction sector using the "Construction Payroll" module, which includes a monthly report of remittances to the CCQ that can be transmitted by Internet.
  • Closely track billing of your projects using an "Inclusive" and "Cost-Plus" billing combination, which includes tracking of progressive billing (over or under-invoicing), depending on the progress of work.
  • Simplify management of subcontractors on a project with automatic tracking of contract terminations and production of discharges.
  • Manage your cash assets closely with automatic management of holdbacks for a project during your supplier payment process.
  • Instantly detect a problem project using real-time analysis of project profitability and interactive drilldown.

The Construction Management solution that stands out!

The CTRL management solution stands by integrating transparently some strategic functions for your business in a suite of software offered by a single manufacturer.

The CTRL difference is obvious:

"When competitors management softwares are out of breath, CTRL stands out! "



Power and ease of use!

CTRL proves its flexibility and ease of use with a new generation of software at the forefront of information technology and operational management.

  • Profitability analysis for each project in real-time (drill down report).
  • Analysis of use and profitability by equipment.
  • Rigorous management of work in progress and dynamic analysis by drill down report.
  • Management of subcontracting and purchase order, per project or per supplier.
  • Progressive or flat rate billing.
  • Account management (receivable and payable) per project and project manager.
  • Accurate management of inventory by construction site with multi warehouse approach.
  • Rigorous monitoring of internal work orders at each stage of a project.
  • Configurable construction payroll with CCQ report and electronic transmission
  • Management of denunciations of contract and receipts.
  • Validation of the amounts of orders according to budget overruns.
  • Centralization of project costs in multi company structure.
  • Intercompany and interdivisional management.
  • Easy customization of work interfaces and efficient security access management.
  • Forms and Reports generator included, no additional software is needed to design your custom reports.
  • Easy integration with MS Word™ and MS Excel™.

The CTRL construction management solution begins with the "Costs Project" module combined with the CTRL/Project software and its key partner, CTRL/Finance.

But, to take advantage of a management solution that will enable your company to virtually spread its wings, consult all the following CTRL software:



Quality partners

CTRL is proud to be an active member of ACRGTQ.

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You are looking for a simple and effective estimation software? Note that the General Estimator fully integrates your CTRL/Project solution!


A few testimonials

Software from a new generation! User-friendly, there is no need for extensive training. In a few hours, you are ready to go!

Carole Vacon, Executive director
Couvre Planchers Labrosse Inc., Laval

Finally a management tool a head above the competition.

CTRL is essential to any organization intent on making company information a part of the decision-making process.

Richard Belisle c.a.
Stever Group