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For a healthy management!


More than ten years of track records included in our Health Management Software that simply redefine the way of doing business. The result:

Almost 2000 health professionals who trust and continue to trust CTRL for the management of their practice.


If you are looking for Computerized Management Solution, which goes beyond invoicing your professional services, look no further!

CTRL has the most complete solution on the market.

Solid "Advantages" for Managing a Healthy Business!

  • Enjoy the advantages of a paperless patient file (entirely digital), thanks to advanced integrated document and digital image management in CTRL/Clinic.
  • Simplify billing for procedures and products at the counter with the integrated inventory management and price and discount setup functions.
  • Optimize your schedule by effectively managing the resources of your practice (absence, presence, screened and periodic), together with an innovative search of availabilities in the agenda.
  • Reduce administrative costs and communicate with patients more effectively using the batch email communication function (automatic appointment confirmation, control of reminders, targeted advertising, etc.).
  • Easy and secure transfer of confidential and administrative documents to colleagues (on-site or off-site) or patients, using a leading-edge online platform.
  • Effectively track your progress and financial goals (per professional, per income category, etc.) thanks to a fully-integrated accounting solution.

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