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Give Yourself a Global and Dynamic Vision of Your Clinic at All Times!

February 10th 2022

The CTRL agenda gives you maximum control over your activities, whatever your work context. With the Kanban console, the daily management of your practice is vastly improved thanks to the Kanban console, which offers more precise management and new analytical tools:

  • You get a global view of the physical distribution of your patients and professionals per treatment room, so you can quickly know "who" is "where" at a glance.
  • You instantly know the management stage for each patient in your clinic (e.g., waiting room, treatment, billing).
  • You benefit from statistics and performance indicators automatically fed by the console.

Dynamically integrated into the classic agenda, any change to your daily agenda is automatically reported to the CTRL Kanban console. All visual indicators for the primary calendar are also incorporated into the console. For example, flashing can be used to inform a professional in the operatory that their patient has arrived in the waiting room.

The Kanban console also lets you move appointments by simply dragging and pasting them, which triggers a change in the appointment’s status and starts the timer to help you measure time for each treatment step. You can also link a room to a professional.

Thanks to its possibilities, the console integrates various essential visual information to increase the fluidity of your management:

Kanban Console
  • Duration of a patient’s presence in the waiting room, from arrival to management;
  • Duration of a patient’s presence in the treatment room;
  • Exact moment when a patient is ready for his or her appointment;
  • Time when the appointment is finished, and a patient's status becomes "ready to bill".

The statistical report fed by the console makes it possible, among other things, to assess the difference in time between what was planned for the appointment and how long the operative step took and the average hourly rate per treatment category. You can use these statistics to make necessary adjustments to improve various aspects of your management.

Finally, the Kanban console can be used both in a room, a reception area, and a common room, such as the cafeteria.

Whatever your clinic's vision, the CTRL Kanban console is the tool par excellence for optimizing your team's time and, consequently, the quality of your services!

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