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Discover Your Power of Self-Management!

January 18th 2022


Are you tired of waiting for someone to change an important and strategic detail on your website?

Solve the question by integrating CTRL/Web into your daily management.

Designed specifically for managing your Web content entirely autonomously, our CTRL/Web software will allow you to be undeniably more agile on the marketing and corporate levels. You will, therefore, no longer lack time for your communications and the adjustment of your Web image!

Beyond the concept of autonomy, CTRL/Web offers you all the usual characteristics of a high-end CMS (Content Management System):

  • Create, change, and manage the structure and content of your website yourself;
  • Manage several multilingual sites under a single application and a single CTRL license;
  • Directly control the technical aspects that impact your organic indexing (SEO) and optimize your ranking in search engines;
  • Take advantage of simple presentation templates to quickly set up your website or work with our team of integrators to develop your own templates. That way, you will have a completely personalized website both graphically and functionally;
  • Integrate various add-ons instantly offered, including, among others, a carousel of images, an application management tool or a comments section;
  • Preview the result of any changes before each final publication and determine the start and end date of publication of each content as needed;
  • Save time by importing files or sharing information between your different sites;
  • If you are a user of a CTRL management solution, take advantage of advanced and natural integration with CTRL/File and CTRL/Clinic;
  • In the presence of CTRL/File and CTRL/Clinic, take advantage of the "Multi-criteria target groups" concept and the management of multi-contact files for sending newsletters, news, and Web notices to your clients, your partners, your employees or your suppliers.
New Features

That's not all! Here are some of the newest features added with the recent version 11.1 release:

  • New navigation and more efficient content editing in a complex site structure;
  • New integration possible with the external Vigilance Santé Essentiel application;
  • Display of geo-located data on a Google Map type-map;
  • Possible integration of Paypal payment button and process;
  • A different CSS style sheet can now be associated with each of your page templates.

Don't wait any longer, and take complete control of your website with CTRL/Web!

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