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Launch of CTRL/Clinic Version 11

December 9th 2021

The new version 11 of CTRL/Clinic includes significant advances in “paperless” management and the electronic medical record (EMR).

Here are some of the key new features available with version 11:

Revisited Patient Web Portal
Strongly enhanced for management by family, the Patient Web portal allows your clinic to get closer to your clientele by quickly sharing information and documents with your patient.


Web and Mobile Appointment Booking
A new web-based appointment scheduling feature allows anyone to book an appointment at your clinic via their mobile phone or web browser at home. Configured according to your vision for the opening of accessible time slots, this new functionality makes life easier for your patients, in addition to being a powerful tool for recruiting new clients.

Sending Follow-ups by Email and SMS
A new functionality for sending batch follow-ups by email and SMS is now available. This new possibility has also been merged with the confirmation of appointments by email and SMS at the centralized synchronization of your communications for a guaranteed saving of time.

Digital Signature of the Treatment Plan
The signing of digital documents by the patient and the professional has been greatly improved at the level of key documents, such as the treatment plan. Now generated in PDF form, the treatment plan can be quickly signed directly on the clinic screen or emailed to the patient for signature at home. The latter can return it to you by email once their signature has been affixed.

Professional Notes
The function has been greatly enhanced by a new possibility of free and personalized formatting of your texts. Combined with the presence of basic models and the option of customized models, this improvement allows you to be even more efficient in the documentary aspect of your practice.

Prescripteur KRx

Advanced Drug Prescriber
The new KRx dental drug prescriber is now integrated into the software. A real intelligent assistant in the prescription of drugs, this new tool combines the primary impression of prescriptions with a pharmacological adviser, alerts on drug contraindications and allows the transmission of prescriptions directly to your patient's pharmacy—a powerful and complementary tool for your professional services.

Sending Bulk Tax Receipts More Efficiently Than Ever
Thanks to a major technological advance in the report generator of the Smigg application platform, the tax receipt production report now exploits the concept of target groups and the automation of document backup to perform three actions in a single command: generate in batch all planned tax receipts, save them in PDF with each patient file if you wish it, and send each receipt automatically by email to the right patient.

Kanban Console

Operating Time Management and Analysis Statistics
Based on the Kanban console, your daily agenda and billing for your services, the processing time statistics report, and the equivalent hourly rates now offer you greater flexibility with the introduction of a "Summary" and a "Detailed" mode for the analysis of your clinic and your resources. Note that drill-down information remains available to consult your in-depth management information in both cases.

Sending Documents Easier by Email
Sending digital documents by email is more flexible than ever. All the software reports can now use all the contacts and emails in a patient file (family, referent or others).

Switch to paperless management and to a real professional ERP management solution with CTRL!

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