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Even More Possibilities With the Web and Mobile Timesheet

November 18th 2021

Following the launch of CTRL/Finance version 11, which made it possible to standardize the general display of the web timesheet to the new general standard of other portals and web interfaces of the CTRL products, the digital timesheet offers you even more:

  • A new column configuration feature now allows users to choose the information they wish to display in the columns according to their specific needs.
  • This same configuration window also allows the users to place the columns of information in the sequence they wish for its entry.
  • The title of each column can now also be personalized for a more flexible adaptation to the context of your company.

Remember that the Web timesheet is also accessible in mobile version for the time management of professional advisers on the road or frequently working from your clientele's offices.

The timesheet can thus be completed using any of the most common mobile devices (tablet, phone, ...) on the market (e.g. iPhone or iPad, PDA or Android tablet), and all information can be integrated into the central administrative management of timesheets.

The managers looking for an efficient ERP solution for time management and invoicing now have the solution at their fingertips: CTRL!

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