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New and Improved Version of the CTRL/Finance Financial Dashboard

October 28th 2021

The financial dashboard of CTRL/Finance has recently been enhanced to provide even more flexibility.

For those who are not yet familiar with this powerful financial tool, the CTRL/Finance dashboard has some fundamental features.

It can be used directly by a manager who only has to complete a few configuration and customization aspects applicable to their company.

But as this dashboard is explicitly and deliberately designed in MS-ExcelTM format, it can simply become a starting point for managers who wish to analyze their accounting information from different precise angles in complete freedom of their analysis needs.

CTRL/Finance Dashboard

The CTRL/Finance dashboard offers three predefined frameworks and possibilities:

  1. Customizable financial statements, if necessary beyond the customization flexibility already present in the financial statement generator integrated into CTRL/Finance. 
  2. Direct definition of classic financial indicators (KPI - Key Performance Indicators, integer, or %) such as working capital, debt ratio, gross profit margin, turnover ratio of receivable accounts or stocks. After some necessary configuration, you will be able to analyze the evolution of your key financial ratios during your fiscal year, and you can even compare them to your previous fiscal year. 
  3. Global forecast cash flow simulator for the company, which allows you to follow and project a forecast of the evolution of your "cash flow" during a financial year. By defining the parameters applicable to your organization (margin of your receivable accounts, stocks, work in progress, credit line overrun, etc.), you will see the evolution of your liquidity. However, above all, you will have a projection in hand to detect periods when your liquidity will be more pressurized. Thus, you will be able to make the right decisions for the actions to take early in your exercise. The projection of the simulator becomes more precise with time.

In the presence of "multi-company" management with CTRL/Finance, the functionality can be configured and operated in two ways:

  1. A specific dashboard for each company.
  2. An identical dashboard applied to different companies.

The choice is made per company to opt, for example, for an identical dashboard for three companies and specific dashboards for four other companies.

CTRL/Finance Dashboard

In the end, although designed on MS-ExcelTM to give you maximum flexibility, this dashboard is seamlessly integrated into CTRL/Finance. You activate it directly from the CTRL/Finance interface as you do for any other functionality.

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