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The Importance of IT Project Management - An Unfortunate and Concrete Case!

June 15th 2011

Without saying, the absence of real expertise on key technology for a project or the absence of knowledge of the critical issues of a sector of activity are conditions that almost automatically lead a large-scale computerization project to failure.

What is less obvious is that, even with the perfect possession of technological expertise and strategic operational knowledge, the odds of failure are almost as great without rigorous and informed project management.

But am I into refined concepts and theory?

Well, I suggest you read a recent concrete case, the actual field, which, if it doesn't subjugate you, will undoubtedly get your rational and emotional neurons moving for a little while!

I am still shocked to read such a story... in 2011! Business IT, a post-WWII field of expertise. We are not talking about a new technological concept that redefines ways of thinking and doing things. Therefore, we are at high risk of slippage during its introductory phase. As a nod, however, it is interesting to note that the presented case relies heavily on new and more recent technological thinking.

The magnitude of the failure only serves as a reminder of the relevance of project management because, as in one of my previous posts, one must always keep in mind that "technology is a tool and not a solution".

In short, I must also put you in context because the case in question was reported to me by our marketing intelligence tools. That is probably not the only file of this type, unfortunately. The overall solution initially offered to the now struggling organization included a CTRL component.

The case appeared on the blog of Mr. Nelson Dumais, a well-known and respected technology journalist, with a rather powerful headline: "A Computer Horror Story in a Medical Clinic". Difficult to avoid the subject for CTRL, you will understand.

At the same time, this situation represents an excellent example of the new reality of social networks and the possible impacts, good and less good, that democratized communications of the Web can have on your company.

For my part, I was able to appreciate the experience of a team and the presence of well-organized monitoring tools that allowed CTRL to react quickly to a negative intrusion, a priori in perception, within its corporate image.

Having said that, to get the complete picture of the situation experienced by the organization and draw your conclusions about what went wrong, I suggest you read all of the comments or... at least read mine at the end of the blog.

There is much content, but the truth is, I tell you, rarely a close reading will teach you so much about what not to do in business IT if you want to taste success.

Knowing with conviction that an approach is counterproductive or destructive when aiming for a given objective is already a good step. We already know what to avoid.

It's like driving a car. When we are convinced that we have fewer problems by staying on the road, we still have to know how to control the vehicle to get there. If not, then we know the essential criteria to pass the interviews and hire the right driver.

Good management!

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