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What Are the Advantages of Having a Permanent Inventory for a Company?

July 23rd 2021

Permanent Inventory with CTRL/Product

There are several advantages for a business to have a permanent inventory, including:

  • Greater precision and knowledge at all times of the actual availability of an item during sale and purchase.
  • Greater accuracy in terms of profitability with a more precise average cost.
  • Accurate and precise inventory turnover ratio to take the appropriate promotional strategy.
  • Greater precision on the marginal value of the inventory for operating credit.

All of these benefits are available with CTRL/Product. Moreover, in certain management contexts, our inventory management and order management software could even allow you to avoid the classic annual physical inventory taking, saving time that can be invested elsewhere.

Treat yourself to an inventory management tool that adapts to the level of monitoring you want for quality information and informed decisions.

For a permanent inventory, think CTRL!

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