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Professional Notes: Win Time, Gain in Efficiency!

April 16th 2021


Professional notes are very user-friendly and easily fit into your routine. With direct access to patient information, and the ability to quickly complete and sign your files, professional notes will help you find time in your busy day. They will become your ally for more efficient time management.

Treat yourself to a tool that meets the highest standards of the healthcare industry.

Here are some of the benefits and possibilities of this feature:

  • Complete your patient file directly from the agenda and your current appointment;
  • Optimize the uniformity of your professional notes to facilitate and accelerate the analysis of your patient files;
  • Take advantage of advanced formatting possibilities to bring out essential information on each note in the file;
  • Take advantage of customizable note templates per type of treatment to speed up your documentation;
  • Digitally sign each note as you would a paper file to protect your note and give it legal status;
  • At any time, view any unsigned note or note for which a signature is missing directly in the agenda.

For more information on professional notes and paperless management, contact our customer service!

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