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Take Control of Your Web Presence With the All New CTRL/Web

December 2nd 2020

All New CTRL/Web

Always in the spirit of supporting the growth and management of your operations, the CTRL family is expanding with its new content management system, CTRL/Web, a simple and high-level content manager.

Autonomously manage your website according to your needs!

Any company that wants to increase its visibility must now have a website and be dynamic online in order to transform any visitor into a potential customer and to develop customer loyalty. Creating a website under CTRL/Web makes it easy to manage multiple sites at once with a multi-site and multilingual management while giving you quick access to updating your web content.

CTRL/Web offers you concrete management benefits:

  • Create, change, and manage your website yourself in a high-level CMS;
  • Control all the technical aspects that impact your organic indexation to get a good ranking in the various search engines;
  • Use our CMS as a starting point for a personalized visual or let CTRL/Web adjust to your most complex ergonomics and graphics requirements;
  • Monitor your posts from anywhere in the world and preview any results before each publication;
  • Save time by sharing electronic files, sharing pages between your sites, and by importing data, which can be done directly into CTRL/Web databases;
  • Add different application complements according to your needs (slideshow, application management tool, comments section, etc.).
CMS in French

Besides the basic functions of the broadcast module, CTRL/Web can easily be linked to CTRL/File, the CRM of CTRL, to provide you with extensive information management functions. Create multi-criteria target groups for online newsletter submissions and benefit from a multi-contact organizational structure with different roles and managers.

Visit the CTRL/Web webpage to nurture your curiosity or contact a CTRL representative for more information on the state-of-the-art features for self-managed web content.



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