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December 31st 2013

Originally published in the French edition of the Chefs d’entreprises newspaper in December 2013


Do you dream of an integrated IT solution for your business? To discuss this, we met with Mr. Daniel Girard, President of the CTRL Group.

How many times have you heard an employee complain about software running poorly or too slowly on their device; or even say that it is safer to enter duplicate data due to incompatibility of some software? These are just two of many examples. However, there is a way to avoid these kinds of problems and that is precisely what the CTRL Group offers.

This company comprises CTRL (management software), Vision3W (the Web component) and TI Technologies (the infrastructure component). “We are currently working on the vertical integration of these three components within the Group,” explains Mr. Girard. At the start of next year, our portal will reflect this reality and will include all three components. “

Remember that CTRL offers management applications in the healthcare, construction and professional services sectors. “All of our management applications allow customers to approach the Web and mobility as part of a comprehensive management solution. », he adds.

According to the president, some customers only do business with one or two of the three entities of the Group and cross-selling will henceforth be favored: “Thus, the customer who does business with a component will also be able to easily find answers to his needs from other divisions. Often, our customers tell us they are tired of using disparate software, often incompatible with each other, or not really suitable for the devices in place. They therefore dream of an integrated solution, and this is precisely what we offer them with, on one hand, different software, transparent to each other in order to avoid redundancies, and on the other hand, an optimized operation of these software thanks to to an efficient technological infrastructure. “

By integrating the three components, CTRL Group therefore offers THE optimal solution sought by companies. Yes, everything can work harmoniously in IT: all you have to do is deal with only one and, above all, the right interlocutor!

“And the synergy will only be better between our employees from the three components, who will now share their different expertise more easily. A concrete lever for our client. ”, points out the president.

The positioning of CTRL Group is therefore clearer than ever. Mr. Girard sums it up: “We offer integrated software packages (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning) with single entry, configurability, verticalization, a price structure of the user-pays type, which minimizes costs while optimizing the benefits of management for our customers. “

Make IT work better for your business, contact CTRL Group.

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