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April 3rd 2017


Coming from an IT division of an engineering consulting firm, CTRL was founded in 1992.

CTRL’s strategic vision is based on the observation that many companies are looking for an advanced management solution but at a price significantly lower than the ERP solutions offered by the global players in the industry.

Propelled by the unwavering conviction of its first six employees and focusing its mission on improving and optimizing the business processes of its customers, CTRL takes off and begins to design ERP management solutions for specialized customers.

Thus, during the first five years, CTRL markets three vertical solutions: the first in project management for the construction sector, the second in project management and professional mandates for the engineering sector and other firms of professional services, and the third in healthcare management.

Therefore, the great flexibility of CTRL's applicative platform (CTRL/Smigg) provides a strategic positioning for its solutions. With its advanced customization features, usually found in much more expensive solutions, the Smigg platform is quickly becoming the cornerstone of the success of the company which is experiencing rapid growth. By the early 2000s, CTRL was the winner of a National Bank MD business competition.

In 2002, seeing web and mobility trends gain momentum, CTRL set up a web expertise division by acquiring the "Internet Vision3W" firm.

In 2004, CTRL, already recognized for its computerized management solutions in the healthcare sector, agreed with the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) to found a new company with the mission of continuing to develop and the marketing of its management solution dedicated to the dental sector.

Today, the "Progident" company is establishing itself as the leader in dental software in Quebec with products and services that continue to develop and stand out.

In 2006, CTRL gained an IT infrastructure expertise division which has now become TI Technologies.

With a vertical integration strategy in mind, CTRL now offers a global IT management solution dedicated to customers seeking a "turnkey" corporate solution for their IT needs.

Continuing its expansion, in 2010 CTRL acquired the "Ordinogram" company, designer of SIGEC management software.

2016 was in turn marked by the launch of the "Progident Go" software, CTRL's first cloud computing application, offered through its subsidiary Progident.

In early 2017, the CTRL Group continued to grow by acquiring the firm "Systèmes P.G.I.P.", designer of the "Le Gestionnaire", a project management software renowned in the construction sector.

Now bringing together over 55 information technology specialists and designer of 7 standard management software and three ERP management solutions, CTRL is proud of the achievements of its last 25 years. It owes this success first to its exceptional clientele and its formidable team, to whom we express our most sincere and profound thanks. Their trust is the engine of our professional growth.

"In an increasingly complex business environment, decision-makers and professional managers need, more than ever, to rely on flexible and efficient computerized management solutions. The management challenges are significant, the innovation potential for CTRL is vast and stimulates us to the highest point!“ - explains with enthusiasm Mr. Daniel Girard, President and CEO of CTRL.

Positioned better than ever to meet the challenges of SAAS (Software as a Service) and cloud computing, CTRL assumes its key role in the Quebec IT industry by dedicating itself to the organizational success of Canadian companies since 25 years and the best is to come!

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