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Shift to 'Lean' Management with CTRL

September 12th 2019

Shift to Lean Management With CTRL

CTRL management solutions enable and drive the application of three key Lean management principles through some unique features of CTRL’s application platform: CTRL/Smigg, our modular and integrated global management system.

  • Muda: the elimination of anything worthless, be either time or material
  • Muri: optimizing and simplifying the company’s processes to reduce or even eliminate overwork and overload
  • Mura: the variability, or irregularity of the application of processes by material or human resources to increase the quality and volume of goods or services produced

More than just a technology platform, CTRL/Smigg is a business operational platform that offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to the entrepreneur’s vision and key processes.

For example, the customization features of CTRL/Smigg’s work environment, as well as information and functional security, allow - among other things - to target and optimize the intervention of each resource on the processes where they create the most value.

In addition to CTRL/Smigg's operational strength, CTRL designs all advanced automation features of each software for CTRL's specialized business lines.

By supporting computerization combining "process automation" and resource optimization on its "key processes," a CTRL solution promotes the implementation of "Lean" management and automatically generates a substantial productivity lever.

For more information on Lean management, check out our management entry on the subject by clicking on the following link: Lean Management Philosophy and Computerized Management.

To learn more about our CTRL management solutions or if you have any questions, please contact a CTRL representative at 1-888-463-2875 or by email at .

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