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The marketing of specialized high-performance management software for specific applications requires leading-edge know-how on each aspect and each phase of implementation.

Without leading-edge expertise, the computerization process runs a higher risk of failure or may not maximize software operations as management tools. To ensure its customers access to this leading-edge expertise, CTRL has established a partnership and CTRL advisor certification program.

Through this program, CTRL recruits and offers its customers access to highly qualified specialists for technical implementation, training and reengineering of business processes to implement CTRL software. Capitalizing on the expertise of these specialists will optimize your ability to achieve your objectives.

Only certified CTRL partners can ensure full customer satisfaction.

The partnership program and CTRL software contain also all the necessary features for a partner who hopes to become a CTRL ASP (Application Services Provider) partner.

Find out more! Whether it is a technical matter or to obtain additional CTRL software training, a CTRL partner is there to assist you.


Becoming a CTRL Partner, A Growth Perspective!

For the management specialist or systems integrator who shares the same philosophy as CTRL regarding the strategic importance of having high caliber management to stimulate the growth of any business, CTRL presents a unique opportunity to boost sales.

CTRL’s flexible partnership program allows potential partners to determine the type of business relationship they would like to develop with CTRL. The partner is free to determine objectives. Entirely normal in a " Win-Win " relationship.

A potential partner intent on targeting the highest level of certification, however, must expect a lengthier procedure to develop a professional partnership approach based foremost on know-how, respect and team work. A potential partner contemplating a serious business relationship with CTRL must consider it a medium-term strategy.

In our ever-changing business world, who can afford to invest resources in a relationship doomed to failure? CTRL has put in place a simple first-level certification procedure, which is as follows:

  • The partner must have a potential target client for CTRL. The first contact with this client is established through a demonstration, at which time the software is presented. During this first phase, the goal of CTRL is not to sell but rather to have an actual discussion with the partner for a clear understanding of all the possibilities and the management know-how that goes into CTRL software.
  • If at the time of a presentation, be it the first or tenth, the result is a sale, the partner is automatically offered level one certification. The partner is free to remain at this level or continue to advance to subsequent levels.
  • Should the partner decide to embark on a more committed partnership with CTRL, a request must be made for the detailed presentation document for the CTRL partnership program.
  • If the partnership applicant agrees to the program and its policies, CTRL considers this applicant a serious candidate. Both parties sign a non-committal partnership agreement solely for the purpose of formalizing the relationship.

Regardless of a potential partner’s intentions, objectives and history, a relationship with CTRL is focused on respect for this simple but efficient procedure.



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