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Full integration with the ERP solution for the
management of projects and professional mandates


In addition to the latest enhancement of its professional services solution with the arrival of a mobile timesheet, CTRL is now adding the Projects Web portal to its ERP solution for an approach centred entirely on the concept of effective project management.


The Projects Web portal stimulates the increase in productivity and performance of your company by offering you key functionalities to maximize your project management:


  • List of projects
    Quickly review your list of current projects to ensure your goals are being met.
  • Purchase order
    The purchase orders module of CTRL is entirely dedicated to project management. It has been specially designed for the company whose activities are heavily focused on subcontracting and whose profitability of each project depends directly on it. The goal is to closely monitor current purchase orders for each project and per supplier by having access at all times to the progress of purchase orders and their invoicing.
  • Agenda
    Configure your management tool as you wish with, for example, an unlimited number of resources (human or material), agendas (multi-resource, daily, weekly, monthly or other formats) or working groups. And just like the CTRL calendar, the calendar of the Projects Web portal synchronizes with “Google Calendar” and integrates with “Google Maps”.
  • Timesheet
    In the context of project management, timesheets and expense reports represent a large volume of transactions, hence the importance of flexibility in input methods. With the mobile timesheet, each action is immediately integrated into the central administrative management of the timesheets.


By coordinating the applications between your web portal, your CTRL software, and your mobile timesheet, any employee's administrative workload is reduced to maximize working time. Therefore, the manager can count on a management tool dedicated to a single aim: cost-effective mandates!

To find out more about our Projects Web portal or for any questions, click on the button below, and one of our advisors will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.



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