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Lease Management

Rigorous Monitoring and Transparent
Invoicing With CTRL/Product


The most recent version of CTRL/Product now offers increased flexibility in batch invoicing.


In combination with the already known and integrated functionalities of project management, accounting, and CRM, CTRL offers you an enhanced ERP management solution to manage residential and commercial leases with transparency.


To mention just a few elements:

  • Local lease start and end date;
  • Price adjustment (increase) preconfigured in dollars ($) or as a percentage (%) of the previous lease and applicable from an effective date (renewal);
  • Batch billing monthly, annually or at a desired frequency depending on the target date of application of entry;
  • Management and monitoring report.


Everything is there to allow you to extend your CTRL solution's coverage and benefit from a complete integration of your management.


As for the management of maintenance costs, which can be reconciled by room (office/apartment) thanks to the project management integrated with CTRL/Project, each room can have its specific configuration of renewal and periodic invoicing. In addition, the price configurator allows you to take and configure in advance a price framework agreed with the same client renting several spaces in your buildings.


By combining everything with our CTRL/Finance accounting software that allows the management of multiple companies, each of which can be dedicated to a given building group while allowing consolidated financial statements, who could ask for more?


But there is more! CTRL's application platform, CTRL/Smigg, amplifies the management possibilities of any CTRL solution through extensive customization features in terms of operational and informational access security. And let us not forget the presence of a report generator that will allow you to create your own analysis reports if needed.


If lease management is part of your daily job, CTRL could help get you up to speed. Click the button below, and a CTRL representative will contact you to discuss this further with you!


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