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It's the perfect time!

The entire global and Quebec economy is going through difficult times. However, we know that the eventual recovery of the economy will require effective management by all of us.


If you want your business to restart quickly and benefit from a commercial positioning advantage, you must already anticipate this restart and prepare your internal management platform to maximize your acceleration.

Three government assistance programs are currently available to enable you to invest strategically in your management.


Simply put, the moment has never been more exceptional to kick your management into high gear and invest in a CTRL management solution for your business and project management.


These government assistance programs can cover not only the full cost of deploying the CTRL solution but virtually all of the costs of acquiring your new ERP IT platform!

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

To support employees brought back to work as of now in order to invest in CTRL automation and process optimization. Read all details here.

Summer Jobs

Increased program flexibility to hire a summer job that could support you in CTRL computerization and process optimization. Read all details here.

Programme actions concertées pour le maintien à l'emploi

*link available in French only


An existing program that has been expanded to accelerate the digital shift for Quebec businesses.


This program allows you to potentially cover all professional service costs associated with learning new knowledge required for your staff and CTRL deployment services. Read all details here.

Before all of this government support ends, take advantage of the current economic situation to turn it into a competitive lever for your company as the economy begins to recover. 

Rarely will we have had such winning conditions to invest in our management! 

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